Karen overhill

by brianna niland

when did it first happen?

**in 1993 wen she sent a letter to her doctor that said "my name is Claire. i am seven years old. i live inside Karen."

*she began developing imaginary people aged between 2 and 34 to bare the brunt of the


*after giving birth by c-section she woke up from anesthesia and claimed that she did recognized her family of friends.

what happend to cause her to have MPD?

Karen was abused by her father and grandfather in her very early childhood starting when she was just a baby.

what are her personalities like?

she has a total of 17 personalities these are just some of them

*a 2 year old "Karen boo" would take over when she was being attacked as an infant

*7 year old Claire-was created after she was sexually abused on her communion day

*18 year old sandy- a depressed eater
*11 year old black boy named Jensen who drew the picture of all 17 personalities

how did this effect her life?

she claimed to be unaware of her actions after some of her episodes like

one time when she went to a casino in Vegas and "went some where" and then realized that the $25 that she had come in with had turned to $2,500.