Solutions to Global Warming

Ways to Stop

Pollution is causing a lot of global warming to occur. It is causing islands to melt, climate to change, and it is damaging the oxygen we breathe. This might sound really bad impossible to fix, but there are many ways to solve these problems. There is the Tesla battery, air-powered cars, and many tips to help solve these problems from occurring.


One way to solve these problems is to purchase the Tesla wall battery. This battery charges during the day from the Sun's radiation. While the battery is charging in the day, you would have to have solar panels to give you the energy your home needs. At night when the sun isn't out and you need energy for your house, the Tesla battery turns on and uses the energy it stored from the previous morning. Then when the sun comes out again the battery shuts off and charges while the solar panels are at work. This product helps lower Co2 emissions and helps reduce the risk of climate change. Without the Tesla battery you would have to rely on the grids that burn fossil fuels and coal for energy.
Another way to solve these problems is to own an air-powered car. The air-powered car produces a fraction of carbon emissions of a standard engine. This means it doesn't come close to polluting the air as much as other cars. They are also very similar to electric cars; which are also not as bad as standard cars. You don't have to buy batteries for it, you just have to charge it. Only 10% of the car burns Co2 emissions.
Some tips so you don't pollute the earth is not burning as many fossil fuels. Also you could use public transportation, you can ride bike, and walking helps so you don't run gas or Co2. One last tip is don't use that much electricity. Take shorter showers, turn off lights when your not using them, and getting exercise instead of watching T.V. These are all of the solutions of global warming.


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