West Coast Fishing Industries

One of Canada's main economic industries!!!

About the West Coast Fishing Industries

 West Coast fishing industries are worth more than  $5 billion a year. They provide more than 120,000 jobs to Canadians. Lake Winnipeg is the biggest contributor to large groups of fish species. Like shellfish, herring,nsalmon, groundfish, snow crab and lobster. We find this natural resoures in British columbia or the Southwestern Cordillera.

Fish Industries export in value

 In 2010, Canada's fish and seafood exports were valued at $3.9 billion. Canada exports an estimated 85%, by value, of its fish and seafood production. Canada's fish and seafood imports have average at $2.2 billion for the past 5 years. We export 63% of our fish to the USA, 7% China 8% Japan and 9% Europe and the rest all over the world.

Fishing Industries are Renewable?

As long as we don't over fish, polute the oceans,lakes and allow fish to reproduce and trive. It may be slow but we end up with more fish. 25% of all Canadian fish exports are made by BC. The economic value of Canada's fish and seafood exports is valued at 3.9 million dollars (2010).

By: Halton,Zaid,Jack