Plaza Horizons Team

Exploratory Classes at Plaza Middle School

What's going on in Explo classes?

Individual/Dual Sports

(Coach Neeser)

We have been doing our pickleball unit the last two weeks. The students have worked on basic hand-eye coordination with a paddle, serving, forehand, backhand, as well as the rules and terminology related to pickleball. They have improved so much! The students also completed the baseline mile run last Friday along with the other PE & health classes.

Health & Fitness

We are currently in our drug education unit with a focus on the types of drugs, their effect on the body and how to resist those that are harmful. In the activity portion of the class we are learning the major muscles of the body and exercises that strengthen them. Looking ahead we will be participating in fitness testing towards the end of September. All of my classes are doing well in both parts of the class. I am so happy to have them in class.


We are currently finishing up a PowerPoint assignment in which students were challenged to try unique techniques they have not previously experimented with. It’s due August 30th.


In music we have been getting to know each other, and have begun our rhythm unit (which includes learning about notes, rests, counts/beats, time signatures, measures, and creating rhythms). By the end of this unit, students should be able to compose their own rhythms! We have, of course, done some singing as well!


In FACS we have been exploring the different food groups through MyPlate. We have also been learning to identify the different kitchen tools we will be using. We are looking forward to starting our cooking labs at the beginning of September!


We have started the printmaking unit by creating designs that will become stamps for our fabric.


We have been learning the basics of one-point perspective and will complete our final project in perspective this week.

Tech Ed

In Tech Ed we have been learning how Mission areas work and we have started our 1st Mission. We will be taking our 1st test Wednesday and begin our 2nd Mission Thursday.

World Cultures

We are having intro conversations and learning about interesting places around the world.


We are completing our Auto Biography Maps, using the

SCAMPER technique we created a unique, one of a kind country map. We also reviewed and practiced the creative thinking skills, fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. Both students and I will score their maps using a rubric/scoring guide. This assignment will be completed by Friday, September 1st.