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News and Updates from Dr. Dutt

Important Information for Opening of School


We know that bus information is not yet available in Genesis. There is an extreme bus driver shortage and we are working with our bus contractors to have this information posted by this weekend. Due to this driver shortage, routes have been changed and compressed. Additionally, our bus contractors are severely short staffed and not able to assist us with change-requests; therefore, changes to bus stop locations will not be possible.


Upon arrival at school, all 7th-9th grade students will report to the Auditorium and all 10th-12th grade students will report to the Cafeteria. 12th grade students may utilize Senior Courtyard or HS Courtyard. Students may not arrive earlier than 7:10am.

Similarly, students must board their bus immediately upon the last bell. Please remind your child of this, we will be making announcements, buses will leave the parking lot exactly 5 minutes after the dismissal bell and we cannot hold buses for any reason. Students should not use their lockers after 7th period if they are taking the bus and should not congregate in hallways after the last bell. They must board buses right away. This is due to the bus driver shortage which requires our buses to run multiple routes back-to-back.


All lunches are free for all students!

To maximize our ability to physically distance students, this year there will be 3 different lunch periods. One will be designated for middle school students and two will be designated for high school students. All lunches will be served out of the main cafeteria. Students may choose to eat in the cafeteria or in the courtyard. Seniors may use the Senior and HS courtyards for lunch this year. We encourage students to eat outside as often as possible. We will distance students within the cafeteria as much as possible but we are not able to maintain 6 feet between students at all times. If your student tests positive for COVID-19, one of the questions we will ask is who they sat with at lunch.

How do I know when I go to Lunch??

Middle School Sports and Activities

Any middle schooler interested in North Warren teams will get information in the first few weeks of school. We also have a number of clubs and activities available to our middle school students. Advisors will send out information on these opportunities throughout the month of September.

Google Classroom

Assignments and materials will again be posted on Google Classroom. Teachers will continue to utilize Google Classroom for lessons and materials for students throughout the school year. Teachers will assist students in joining and they will share the expectations for the classroom during the first few days of school. Parents will again have an opportunity to receive information from Google Classroom or can view their child’s classrooms with their students.

Health & Safety Protocols 2021-2022

These are the current guidelines. As we receive additional guidelines we will update our community.


Due to E.O. 251, please know that the mask requirements are the same as they were last year, masks must be double-ply and must cover your nose and mouth. This means that gators or turtlenecks are not permitted. Masks must be of regular material, just like last year (this just means no mesh, lace, or other open weaves). We have masks available for any families who need assistance, just let your school counselor know and we will send a box to you. Masks will be given to any student who does not have one, for any reason.

Masks are to be worn at all times in the building for all students, staff and visitors. Masks are also required to be worn on the bus. Teachers may bring their classes outdoors for lessons where masks are not required at this time and students will have opportunities to self-advocate by using our courtyards between classes where masks are not required.


We will do our best to distance our students to the greatest extent possible in our classrooms and hallways.

Bell Schedules 2021-2022

Student Drop-Off Procedures

Student Drop off Route

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

9/2/21: Middle School Dance 6:00pm Outdoors

9//7/21: First Day of School for Students

914/21: Back To School Night (Details forthcoming)

9/17/21: Early Dismissal for students - 12:15

9/20/21: Delayed Opening for Students - Students arrive by 9:25