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I am an artist, a father and a husband. I paint as a way to document my story… to present simple visualizations of brutal truths.
Through my paintings, I want people to realize that there is much more beyond their own lives; to open their eyes and think beyond themselves…
Every day, we walk by things and never even notice their existence. Most people are on their phones, talking business, talking shit or on their iPads looking at garbage. You’ve seen them. You know what I mean.
That’s why I leave my artwork all over in random places…usually in plain sight. I may paint on a piece of concrete or hang a framed piece on a tree in a park. Either way, I sit back and observe as person after person walks by the artwork and never notices it. A few may stop and look, and eventually someone shows up who appreciates it enough to take the artwork home with them and put it on display.
Are you the person who walks on by…or the one that stops and takes notice? - Vince Herrera

Bad Panda Hangs at The Hangar

Thursday, Nov. 14th 2013 at 6-9pm

The Hangar Gallery 2235 NW 2nd ave. Wynwood.