Everyone wants to have a Listening Ear


History: I had a lot to say but, no one to listen to it.  I used to think that I couldn’t trust anyone because I was just a naturally quiet person and sometimes I’m still am.  Anyway, I never had a best friend to spill everything out and that would actually care.  i would think that i couldnt trust anyone, and that no one understood me.  over the past years,  i became more and more quieter.  Until, i meet my best friend Dallas.  She had so much to say and thought that no one would listen.  We were perfect for each other, because i wanted to talk and so did she.  So we made a compromise, If we both wanted to say something, the other would listen and say something else when they're done.

Dalllas Wanted Someone to Listen

 She had a lot of family problems like; her parents didn’t want to listen her and wanted to let everything out.  So when we meet, she asked if she can talk a little so she’ll feel better.  I said ok kind of confused and she told me basically everything about her.  She felt like the odd one out cause, she was the oldest and she felt that her parents like her younger sisters more.  And every time she tried they wouldn’t listen so, she had so much to say and little ears to listen.  After that we had no secrets at all.  Over time, her and her parents grew a stronger relationship.  She still had things to say, but she had a ear thaat could actually listen.

Dallas Asked Me for Advice

 Dallas has a lot of relationships and sometimes needs advice.  Like should I break up with him, or should I ask him out, or should I not be her friend anymore.  Her parent relationship got better but, not where she could tell them everything. Because, there is something’s you want to tell a best friend and not your parents.  And, she wouldn’t care if it was something she didn’t want to hear or something she did, all she wanted was someone to listen and give their opinion. And, when she told her parents and said something not helpful, she came to me.

How I FeelAbout What I Do

When i listen to people, I listen for the truth and when they are telling it from their heart. I love what i do, It makes me feel like my friends can actually trust someone. Whatelse makes me feel good about it is, The feeling i get when i give them my advice.  Because, it makes me feel like i actually help someone.  You might think like " oh you can listen to people that so cool".  Well, it's cool to me.  i love to give advice,  Because I always tell the truth.