Counting Down!

Field Trip

We had such a great field trip! The kids really enjoyed it and it was a great preview to us learning about the life cycle and our unit on animals and their offspring. The presentation was great! The kids got to visually see and act out the life cycle. We went into the butterfly observation next. The kids loved seeing the butterflies and many had butterflies landing on them! After that we observed the insects. GROSS, but the kids loved it. Finally we went to the park to have our picnic and play!

Hawaiian Day!

The kids had a great time learning their Hawaiian names and wearing lei's. We turned on someone Hawaiian kids videos and learned to dance. We also used Discovery Education to learn about Hawaii.

Ice Pop Day

We got luck during a chilly week to have a nice day to go out for our Ice Pops! The kids got to mingle with other kindergarten classes and enjoy their ice pops!
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As you saw, the kids planted Marigolds as we learned about the life cycle of a plant! The had fun planting and looking every few days to see the progress!