Breaking news of 1913

by Kimmie Ducan

The many happenings in 1913

The year 1913 around the mid to south west was very eventful. There were fires, floods, tornadoes and even meteors. Some events good and others not so good. But the people stuck through with each other close by their sides. They conquered fears, and helped each other out. They rebuilt, and fought against these hardships.

Great Flood

"The flood was second only to Noah's" - Bishop Milton Wright

This flood occured in late March of 1913. The rain was coming down heavily and in such excess over the Ohio Valley that none of the rivers in Ohio and most parts of Indiana remained in their banks. Dams, railways, roads and bridges were all washed away. A quarter of a million people were left homeless, 600 dead, and damages were estimated to be hundreds of millions.


Geminid Meteor Shower Time-Lapse 2012