A Gap in Your Education

BY: Rachel Fairbanks, Abby Pombert, and Casee Disharoon

Online Schooling: The Good and the Bad

Pros: you can work at your own pace, early graduation, and you can work around your scheduleCons: you will not develop social skills, you cannot participate in afterschool sports/clubs/other activities, and online learning could post a potential problem for the visual learners.In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between putting your child through online schooling or not, the answer should be no. When it comes to education, it should be worth your time and money. Your high school years should be considered as some of the best years of your life- the Friday football games, homecoming, and all the relationships you make are just some of the memories that can be made. On the other hand, high school is preparing you for college so you want to get the best education available.