By Makayla Durham


The mane reason that the Constitution was written was because there was a lot of Tyranny, so James Madison came with a solution to write Constitution. Madison big worry was that they could not write a constitution strong enough to keep away Tyranny. Doc.A


Tyranny is what started the Constitution. The definition of Tyranny is when one person or a group of people makes a unfair diction without asking any one.

Like Kings

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Three Branches

1. Judicial Branch

The courts, Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, District Court.

2. Executive Branch

President, Executive and Cabinet Departments


Congress, House of Representatives and Senate

Legislative Branch

With the Legislative Branch, in each state there is to votes for all that they do.

Each Senator gets one vote their are two Senators in each state.

School House Rock -The Preamble

We The People

On a dollar bill it says ''We The People''. The first thing the constitution says is ''We The People'' that is called the ''Preamble'' . We The People means that We The People have power over the United States.


A law always start out as a bill. Sometimes bills don't even

get looked at. Then once a bill is looked at, the

President and the Government talks about if it will

become a law.

I'm Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)

State & Central Government

Central Government

Regulate Trade, Conduct Foreign Relations, Provide Military, Declare War, Prints Money, Post offices, Makes Immigration Laws

State Government

Education, Laws, Local Government, Hold Elections