January-February Newsletter

7th Grade 2017-2018

Happy New Year!

We are excited to begin 2018 with you and your student! January's global theme for students is New Year, New You and we encourage all students to set goals and dream big for the new year. What new things are you going to try in 2018?

Meet Your Exploratory Team!

Current Units of Inquiry

Language and Literature

Unit Title: Heroes

Key Concept: Connections

Related Concepts: Audience Imperatives, Genres, Intertextuality

Global Context Exploration: Imagining a hopeful future

Statement of Inquiry: Heroic characters define the limits of people's aspirations while heroic acts remind people to continue doing good in society.

Summative Assessment: Students will write a 5 paragraph inspirational essay referring to 3 heroes from the unit.


Unit Title: Human Body Systems

Key Concept: Systems

Related Concepts: Function, and Interaction

Global Context Exploration: The biological revolution

Statement of Inquiry: Advancements through the biological revolution changes how systems interact to perform functions.

Summative Assessment: Students will participate in a variety of assessments for each human body system including writing stories, creating pamphlets, etc.

Individuals and Societies

Unit Title: Africa

Key Concept: Global Interaction and Change

Related Concepts: Conflict, Rights and Responsibilities, and Citizenship.

Global Context Exploration: Democracy, politics, government and civil society

Statement of Inquiry: Define the rights of individuals and how it and affects the world community.

Summative Assessment: Students will complete Documents Based Questions, to reflect the knowledge you have gained from the study of the Eastern Hemisphere


Unit Title: Unit 4: Two and Three Dimensional / Geometry Figures

Key Concept: Form

Related Concepts: Model and Space

Global Context Exploration: Natural and human landscapes and resources

Statement of Inquiry: Understanding form and space enhances natural and human landscapes

Summative Assessment: Explore the Ocean Depths Students will act as an oceanographer and create An ocean map of two hundred miles of ocean for a dare devil diver.


Unit Title: Nutritious or Delicious

Key Concept: Communication

Related Concepts: Resources and Function

Global Context Exploration: Commonality, diversity and interconnection

Statement of Inquiry: Clear communication with clients using available resources helps the client understand the commonality, diversity, and functionality of our lifestyles, health and well being.

Summative Assessment: Students will play the role of a nutritionist and create a presentation for a fictional client with specific nutritional advice.

Language Acquisition

Unit Title: Mi Casa

Key Concept: Communication

Related Concepts: Message, Patterns, Word Choice

Global Context Exploration: Natural and human landscapes and resources

Statement of Inquiry: Using communication to describe living structures can vary based on orientation in space and time.

Summative Assessment: Students will create a plan of their own home, using vocabulary and grammar learned in the unit. R- Students will be writing as Real Estate agents.

Physical and Health Education

Unit Title: So You Think You Can Dance

Key Concept: Relationships

Related Concepts: Adaptation and Refinement

Global Context Exploration: Physical, psychological and social development; transitions; health and well-being; lifestyle choices

Statement of Inquiry: Dancing is a universal activity that people can perform to express themselves and build relationships with one another to help with their physical, psychological, and social development.

Summative Assessment: Students will create a dance from the decades using moves that they have learned from previous dances from the internet, school, weddings dance recitals etc..


Unit Under Construction!

Instrumental Music

Title: Chromatic : Half Step..half step.. half step

Key Concept: Change

Related Concepts: Boundaries and Innovation

Global Context Exploration: Opportunity, risk, consequences and responsibility

Statement of Inquiry: Boundaries and innovation impact change and influence opportunity, risk, consequences & responsibility.

Summative Assessment: Write and Perform a one - octave instrument specific chromatic scale
1. Ascending and Descending
2. Use of whole, half, quarter notes
3. Use of whole, half, quarter rests
4. Notes must be chromatic in step

Visual Art

Unit Under Construction!
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School Events!

No Bully Parent Training

Parents! We want you to join us for another installment of our No Bully parent training. On January 23rd, please join us from 6-8 PM while our No Bully representative walks us through strategies to support our students with conflict resolution, social emotional learning, and interrupting hurtful behaviors with our vision statement: at CIMS we are Caring, Inclusive, Mindful, and Safe.

Second Step Update

All MYP students will be participating in Lessons 4 and 5 of the Second Step curriculum January 29th and 30th and February 12th and 13th. Below are the learning objectives so that you will be able to ask your student about what they are learning. You can also ask them about the “homework” they should be bringing home after each lesson. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of the No Bully Initiative.

7th Grade Lesson

Learning Objectives

Lesson 4: Giving and Getting Support

  • Apply empathy skills
  • Understand when and how to give support by being an ally
  • Identify when and how to go to an adult for help and when to encourage friends to seek help from an adult
  • Apply assertive communication skills

Lesson 5: Responding to Bullying

  • Recognize and define bullying and bystander behaviors
  • Empathize with people who are bullied
  • Identify strategies to deal with bullying and help others who are bullied
  • Understand how a bystander can be part of the problem or part of the solution

Futures Week is Coming!

The week of February 26th through March 2nd students will be participating in various activities celebrating their future plans! Wearing shirts from intended high schools, colleges, careers and more! Stay tuned for more details.
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