By Nick Gagliardi

General Information on Wind

  • Wind is the movement of air
  • It's caused by unequal heating on Earth's surface

Global Winds

  • Global winds are wind that occur in large areas
  • They're caused by a combination of pressure belts and the Coriolis effect
  • Global winds happen when warm air rises and cold air fills it in
  • The cold air filling the warm air in is the wind
  • Air is always trying to get the equator (warmest area) until it heats up enough to rise up
  • Coriolis effect causes the winds to curve


  • Area on the equator where there are no winds
  • Sailors can get stuck there

Prevailing Westerlies

  • Winds between 30 and 60 degrees latitude
  • Winds blow across America and slightly towards the poles

Trade Winds

  • Winds from 0 to 30 degrees latitude
  • The cooler air from blows to fill in the warmer air that rises near the equator

Polar Easterlies

  • Winds from 60 to 90 degrees latitude
  • Cold air from poles travel to equator until warm enough to rise again

Pictures of Global Winds

Prevailing Westerlies

Big image

Local Winds

  • Winds that occur in small areas
  • Are caused by unequal heating on Earth's surface

Sea Breeze

  • Type of local wind that happens near shoreline during the day
  • Warmer air over the land rises and cooler air over the ocean fills it in
  • The cooler air is the wind

Land Breeze

  • Type of local wind that occurs near the shoreline during the night
  • Warmer air over the ocean rises and the cooler air over the land fills it in
  • The cooler air over land filling it in is the wind