Thirty-One Team Eason Newsletter

July newsletter

Team Stats for July

Team Sales : $3,171.01

Highest Sales: Kimberly Raper - $892.09, Denise Vordermeier - $584.52, Sheri Homishak - $430.27, Kayla Clauss - $472.94

$500 + parties
Kimberly Raper - $892.09 and Denise Vordermeier - $584.52

Entered Parties - $200 +
Kimberly Raper, Denise Vordermeier, Sheri Homishak, Kayla Clauss,

New Consultants - 0

Most parties entered
Kimberly Raper - 2

Dream Rewards, Cindy's Challenge, Stepping into Fall

Add-On Kit

There is still time to purchase the Fall Add-On Kit. The Super Organizing Tote in Brown Woodstock Floral is among other products that will set you up for those Fall parties. Six of the seven products in the Fall 2013 Add-On Kit will be a Fall 2013 Customer Special. The kit is $60.

Teresa Eason - Director

Summer has been extremely busy for me, as I suspect it may have been for you. I discovered that I had spent 24 nights away from home from the end of May to the end of July. National Conference was included in these nights I was away. I can tell you that it was time well spent. I cannot get over how well Thirty-One hosts a national conference. Cindy Monroe is an amazing leader who wants every consultant to be successful. The speakers were dynamic, the training was invaluable, and the amenities... numerous, beautiful, and useful.
I am looking forward to the busiest selling season coming this fall. My goal for Team Eason is to get everyone on board on FaceBook. I want to hear from you, to see your responses, and celebrate YOU!
Be on the look out for amazing incentives coming your way. Thirty-One always Celebrates, Encourages and Rewards active consultants.