Forest Avenue School Faculty Agenda

Tuesday, 1145am, school's computer lab


1. Curriculum, ELA, Math, Targets for the first trimester

2. Schedule

3. PD for our Year - Assessment Literacy

4. Blended or Flipped classrooms - Blending your classroom environment with online learning

5.Lunchroom/ Recess duties

6. Committees, We will reserve the third week meetings on WEDS. in Sept. and October for organizing our committee work.

7.PLTW Kits 4 per grade

8. Foods and Nutrition No cupcakes or birthday cakes. Healthy Snacks

9. PLC Meeting times - use appropriate agenda format

10. National Geographic Magazine downloaded on all Laptop computers

11. Computer Schedule in lab,

Improving Student Learning

What is it we want all students to learn?

How will we know if and when they have learned it?

How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

How will we enrich and extend the learning for students who are already proficient?