Loose Change Drive

Participate in SEMCAT's Give Back Initiative!

It just makes cents.

Our mission here at SEMCAT is to help insurance agents better serve their customers on a daily basis. In this season of giving we want to take it to a new level.

From now until December 11, 2014 the SEMCAT family will be collecting loose change (or bills!) to help support our Give Back campaign for this year. The change collected will supplement SEMCAT's corporate donation to Give Back to a family that has been devastated by a recent accident or loss.

Check out SEMCAT is Giving Back for details on the initiative!

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How to play:

A little competition to kick off the giving frenzy!

The SEMCAT Support/AE teams will be racing the AC/Dev teams to collect the most change to Give Back. There will be donation containers in both Alison's and Kaylee's offices for your drop off convenience, NOW until Dec 11!

Look around your house, underneath your sofa cushions, in between the seats in your car, on the ground, or ask a family member or friend if they have some change to spare. The winning team will be awarded with the bragging rights for the year and everyone can take part in the warm fuzzies of giving.

Keep in mind you aren't obligated to participate, but we would LOVE your support!

Want more ways to get involved?

Talk to agents about the Give Back Initiative!

We encourage you to talk to your agents about how they can get involved and share our excitement about the initiative with them! Here's some background to help you navigate:

  • Keep in mind our mission behind this initiative mirrors our overarching mission as a company: help the end consumer. We do so daily through SEMCAT and our SEMCAT agents.
  • Through the Give Back initiative we want to take this opportunity to reach out directly and also involve our company in the communities in which our clients live.
  • We’re calling on agents to get involved in helping us reach those in need.
  • While you've got them on the phone or in an email - don’t forget to thank them for taking the time to submit a story about one of the families they represent.

We will evaluate the submissions we receive and select several recipients to Give Back to in the form of gift card packages unique to the selected families. Check out SEMCAT Gives Back for the Client Facing details.

We will be spreading the word on how to get involved on the SEMCAT Dashboard, Facebook, Twitter, as well as a signature line to all of our emails. (Watch for that signature link to come to you shortly!)

If you have any questions please contact Kaylee or Ali!

There will be lots other ways to be involved so let Kaylee know if you're itching to help.