Does high school prepare students for college?


In today’s high-tech society, the internet has created an abundance of easy-to-access information that devalues content knowledge. Schools have long been charged with preparing individuals for the world they live in. Unfortunately, schools today do a poor job of this. The American high school ingrains a passion for success more than learning and uses outdated methods to teach content instead of teaching concepts.


A society that values educational achievement and believes that social status should be based on successes in education.

College Application

Colleges still use Standardized tests in evaluating student acceptance despite the tests not giving a complete picture, and students often lie on college applications.

Teaching why instead of what

Knowing content is less valuable with the availability of information. Schools know that they need to teach concepts instead of memorization; however, educators are not sure how to do this. The split between learning conceptually and learning facts happens at a young age, and conceptual learning has shown a correlation with better performance later on.

World Scale

When compared to other countries the U.S. has in the past done better in categories of creativity. Now, other countries are performing way better than the U.S. on standardized tests.

WayS to IMpRoVe

Schools that remake their curriculums to layer and apply concepts before moving on will teach students to value what is being taught as well as make more connections to the content they are teaching.

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