Barack Obama

By: Emilee Schultz

He is well-known for being the president of the United States of America.

Important facts

  • Barack was a civil rights lawyer before became president.
  • He was elected to Illinois state senate 1996 and served 3 terms.
  • November 2, 2004 Obama was elected to the U.S. senate.

Important people and places

His grandparents were always there for him especially when he was a little kid because they took care of him most of the time when his mom wasn't around.
Lolo is his Indonesian stepfather that got married to Barack's mother (Ann) in 1956. Lolo taught Barack to eat new things like eating dog and snake.
The White House is very important to Obama now because he lives and works there.

Interesting facts

Barack's mom was white and barack's dad was African American.
Barack's nickname is Barry.
Barack has an Indonesian stepfather named Lolo.
Barack and his family moved to Indonesia till Barack was in 5th grade.
Obama was elected to U.S. president in 2008.

Title and author

Title: "Barack Obama"

Author: Stephan Krensky