Friday Flyer - October 9, 2015

Green Pastures Preschool

Snack Schedule!

Monday - Andrea Snack (12 students)

Tuesday - Apple Tree Apples

Wednesday - Miss Jessica

Thursday - Miss Jessica

Thank you to all of you who have brought snacks! I appreciate your help remembering your day and providing a healthy snack. We are returning to the beginning of the rotation again next week, so keep a close watch. You can always reference a copy in the hall by the preschool office if needed. Thank you!

October = Faithfulness

Chapel Topic

The virtue that we will focus on this month is Faithfulness. This week we spoke about how promises and faith in others are related. We read the story of Abraham and Sarah and passed out stars for the students to color/decorate and bring back to put around our "tree".

Fall Halloween Class Party

Thursday, Oct. 29th, 9am

2211 Inverness Drive

Lawrence, KS

Schedule of Events

9 - 9:15 am Drop off and parents set up for Trunk or Treat if participating

9:15- 9:45 am Costume parade and trunk or treating in the parking lots

9:45 - 10 am Quick restroom break and help out of costumes if needed. parent volunteers can help set up the Halloween stations.

10- 11 am Rotate through the stations

11:10 Assemble in big room for a few quick songs preformed by the preschoolers.

This is an estimated time line. We are preschoolers and we are flexible. :)

Please RSVP if you would like to help with the party. We will have an obstacle course that one or two parents can help supervise. We will also have a craft center and a cookie decorating center. One more station to TBD. If you say which you would prefer, I will do my best to match the parent with the chosen activity.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.