Summer Reading

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Summer Reading: Make it Count

We all know that reading is important for children over the summer and is essential to prevent “The Summer Slide” as it has come to be known. Often without access to text and rich learning experiences over the summer students lose the growth that they had made over the course of the year in 3 months of summer.

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Ideas to Increase Summer Reading

Make a "Books-to-Read" List

During the school year we have made recommendations to each other and have found that very helpful in finding new books. From those suggestions, or from books that they know of or interests that they have make a list of books that they want to read over the summer. This is especially important for readers that may have just discovered joy in reading and need a constant diet of amazing books to keep it going. Keep the list handy because you never know when you will come across an opportunity to find more books.

Go to Where the Books Are

Visiting the library when it is hot and the pool is not open, or when it is stormy or when you're just tired of being at home is a great way to support reading. Touching books, looking at the covers, and being surrounded by books helps keep the desire to read alive. If going to where the books are is not a possibility, borrowing a big stack of books from the library or myself is an option as well

Make it Social

I know that I love reading a book and talking about it with others or even passing it on to a friend after I have read it to be able to chat about it. Make reading a social experience this summer.

Have reading parties where kids discuss books

Create a book swap with other families

Offer to be in a “book club” with your child and get more than one copy of a book to read and discuss or encourage them to form a book club with friends/neighbors.

Find Great Books

There are some online communities like #titletalk, #bookaday or nerdy book club that you can access to get ideas of what to read next. After seeing someone recommend it online, I am constantly adding to my wishlist. Scholastic has the “Book Wizard” resource available that allows you to put in search parameters and it will recommend books that fit the criteria. You do not have to purchase the books from Scholastic to access this resource.

Summer Reading List

Click to see the American Librarian's Association book picks

PBS Book Finder

A resource to help match kids and books

LIsten to Books

Audio books are readily available from the Boyertown Library as well as accessing online sites that allow for listening. Listening to an audio book in the car during that long family trip is much more brain stimulating than a DVDJ Visualizing the story, Imagining the setting, making meaning out of what is being read aloud are great skills to develop. Have a copy of the story along as well in case you can’t finish and someone wants to keep reading. There is a wealth of research that correlates audio books with further reading success! See end for additional resources.
Boyertown LIbrary Audio Book Collection

More books are available in CD form at the library

Create a Routine

Reading at a regular time (when possible) creates a familiarity that is comfortable. It is a calming and bonding experience to read together. Helping your child create a reading routine where reading is a natural part of the day means that they will have more ownership over their reading.

Allow Real Choice

Summer is the time for guilt-free reading! A time where we reach for books that we cannot wait to read because they will suck us into a great story. A time to explore books that we want to read. Too often rules and expectations infringe on the beauty of summer reading. That goes for reading that that is “too easy” or “too hard.” Personally, I love picture books and graphic novels and other books that are “too easy” for me but sure are fun! Let's refuse to feel guilty about reading books that are fun.

Celebrate Abandonment

There will come a time where a book will be left behind. This is OKAY. They may have learned that that book was not for them. Instead of energy going into slogging through a book they don’t like, use that energy to find a new book that they will LOVE. But ask questions so they can think about what kind of books that they might like. They need to think about what kind of reader they are and where they want to be. Make sure that they have plenty of books so that if one is abandoned they have some other choices.

Reading Incentive Programs

While I firmly believe that reading and the joy that it brings is enough incentive to spend time reading this summer, there are times when a fun incentive is helpful.

Diary Queen is partnering with Washington Elementary School to encourage reading this summer. If you bring in a completed calendar of 15 per day for at least 20 days this summer using the attached calendar, your child can receive a free small Blizzard or Kid's meal. Additional information was emailed from the school.