Genene Jones

By: Jack Christie Period 2 Dec 4th


Genene Jones was a serial killer who used to be a pediatric nurse who poisoned infants. She used digoxin, heparin and succinylcholine to poison the infants. She did this to get praise after she revived the infant from the poisoning. She was convicted of the murder of Chelsea McClellan and the attempted murder of Rolando Santos. She was believed to have poisoned up to 50 other infants but was not convicted to those attempts.

Childhood Characteristics

She was born on July 13th 1950. She was adopted by Dick and Gladys Jones. She felt like her parents did not care for her. She pretended to be sick just to get attention. Many of her friends and acquaintances said Genene was aggressive towards them or that she betrayed her. She was very close to her brother Travis. When Travis was 14 be made a pipe bomb the blew up killing him. To cope with the death of her brother she wanted to get married while her mother Gladys started to drink. Gladys said that she could not get married.


Her motives to poison these infants was to be able to revive the infants and then get praise because she had saved the infants.



The investigation of Genene Jones was overall pretty simple. Due to the great record keeping at the hospitals she worked at and her background it was easy to convict her. The recorded showed that the poisons she used disappeared when she was the only nurse on staff. This was the evidence used to convict her

Media Coverage

She inspired a crime fiction novel called Deadly Medicine. The book The Death shift was directly written about her and what she did to the Infants. There was also a discovery channel documentary about her.


She was sentenced 99 years for killing Chelsea McClellan and a concurrent term of 60 years for almost killing Rolando Santos. Due to over crowding in the Texas prisons she is set for a mandatory release in 2017.