Wanted Asta's son

Wanted by Lord Fernival for theft REWARD: 20 shillings

Asta's son

Asta's son has broken in and stole money from the manor. He Is declared a wolf head he is a serf. Anyone who tries to help him escape to safety will be executed. The finders will be rewarded. The boy was last seen at the old mill that leads to the river. I suggest you convey patrol he is a tricky little thief.

Give the boy to me (John Acliffe) If you shall find him bring him to the manor at the top of the tall hill. Tell the guards the you have the boy and they will let you in. Then carry on to the top of the steps and turn right and keep walking down the long hallway. That is where I John Aycliffe will be spying out for Asta's son. Follow these orders and your life will be spared!