The Iditarod

Alaska,Mushers,and Sled dogs

Alaskan Landscape

Alaskans have up to six times as many pilots and 16 times as many aircraft per person. Alaska has more caribou than people. The name Alaska comes from the Alat word Alyeska, meaning "Great Land."


It is an annual dog sled race in Alaska which starts on the first Saturday in March. The race follows the historical Iditarod Trail, The path of the last great gold rush America History. Beginning in Ancorage and ending in Nome. It last Eight to 17 days.

Culture and Natives of Alaska

The first people to inhabit Alaska were in search of food. The Bering land bridge connecting Russia and Alaska. The first people in the Americas were the Indians. Indian family and traders used paths now followed roads and railroads. In the languages of the first Americans.

Mushers,Sled dogs,and Sleds

It can attract more than 100 people. Both male and female compete as mushers. Global warming really affected the mushers. They use sled dogs to move but sometimes they stop because of the cold and they get tired.