Sabin Salutations


What Happened This Week?

• Our Flat Stanley project has begun! Remember, please return Flat Stanley, an address plus postage, and your Flat Stanley packet back to school on Monday, February 1st. We will be sharing the information on that date.

• On Wednesday, we did a Flat Stanley Reader's Theater. The kids loved getting to utilize their acting skills.

• The children completed MAP testing this week. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement!

• Our Helen Keller unit has been very interesting. The kids created comics illustrating a particular scene in the book. At this time, they needed to get inside the characters head and think about what they might be thinking. Also, we did an activity where the children were blindfolded. The children placed their hands in a paper bag and needed to feel around. Once they had an idea of what might be inside the bag, they needed to communicate what was inside the bag to their peers. The only thing was that they couldn't talk during this activity. Listening to their feedback, the kids stated how frustrating it was to not be able to say the objects name. We tied this back to how it must have felt for Helen Keller.

• Mrs. Kim was our Mystery Reader this week.

• Angel K. was our Top Gardner.

• On Thursday, we visited our museum room at Townline. Inside the room, different artifacts from the old building are housed inside. One particular artifact we looked at was the mural. Please ask your child to share the story about this incredible piece!

• The students are busy creating their own brochures for Vernon Hills. Inside the brochure, they are listing different historical facts they have learned so far.

• Our grammar skill for the week was suffixes.

• Ms. Cencula (previous administrator at our district) came to our school to teach the kids some interesting facts about Vernon Hills.

What Will Happen Next Week?

• We will continue learning about Helen Keller. During our studies, we will read a book all about sign language. The kids will also practice signing their names.

• During reading, we will continue to refine our dictionary skills.

• Also, we review character traits and identify different character traits for both Helen and Annie Sullivan.

• Our next science will begin. Our focus will be on Matter. A letter, will be coming home outlining our unit.

• We will begin our Flat Stanley writing assignment. The kids will be writing letters to the person they will be mailing their projects to.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin

What to do at Home?

• Please make sure your child has completed their Flat Stanley project and returns it to school on Monday, February 1st.

• Reminder, Six Flags reading forms are due 2/22/16.

• Our Valentine's List went home this week, the children will be decorating bags at school. If your child passes out Valentine's, please make sure they have one for each child.

• We still have a lot of times available for Mystery Reader. If you are interested, please let me know.