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Home and School Connection, Week of March 23-27

A Note from Mrs. Buckels

Hello Parr Patriot Families,

I hope you are all healthy and well. I know we are facing some challenging times right now and this quarantine and social distancing has not been easy! Our Parr staff has been hard at work this past week preparing lesson plans for your students. Thank you for having your students read and get on Dreambox while we have been Skyping and planning out next week’s work. Your child’s teacher will be sending out the lesson plans on Sunday around 7:00 p.m. The lessons can be found in it’s Learning on your teacher’s course. It’s Learning can be accessed from the student’s SSO portal. Please be sure to reach out to your child’s teacher if you are unable to access the plans. You will receive a plan for math, ELA, science, social studies, PE, art and music. I will be sending a weekly newsletter that will have character activities, brain breaks and other fun activities for your students to do when they have some free time. If your students finish all their work before the end of the week, they can always read, get on Dreambox or use the resources the district has shared about digital learning apps and websites. We know that some of you have limited access to internet and technology. We are working on a plan to support our students who are unable to access the online learning.

Please be patient with us as we are working through this online learning adventure! Please continue to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions you may have. They are always available by email. Do remember that some of them have small children at home and they are juggling work, caring for their little ones and providing online learning for their school age children also! Please feel free to reach out to me with any needs you may have or feedback on how we can support your student during this time. We apologize for the amount of emails that are coming your way but hopefully, once we adjust to this current situation, the emails will slow down. We miss your kids and are hopeful this will all end soon and we can go back to school!

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As we navigate the next few weeks please stay connected with us!

CCISD Website

Parr Website

Parr Facebook @ParrPatriots

Parr Elementary on Twitter! @ParrPatriots

Parr Elementary Library on Twitter! @ParrLibrary

Resources for families

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Updated Digital Resource List

Accessing It's Learning

Everything you will need to access this week’s lessons and activities can be found on ItsLearning, through your child’s SSO Portal. This is where your child goes to access Dreambox at school each week. Each week, you will receive an email letting you know the lessons and activities are ready for the week.

To access its learning take the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on @school
  3. Log in with your student’s login information on the SSO Portal
  4. Find the ItsLearning app
  1. Click on ‘Courses’ in the top left corner
  2. Find your teacher's name (ex. *Mrs. Hirsch's Homeroom*)

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

For the art, music and pe lessons and additional optional resources, look at the different courses your child has access to on ItsLearning. Parr Library is where our symbaloo is now located. Watch the attached video to see how to access additional resources through ItsLearning.

If needed, you are welcome to explore some more optional free resources that we’ve put together here on another S'more(see link below)

Counselor's Corner

We are here for you and ready to provide support however we can. Please email Laurie Hennington, our interim counselor,

Click this link for more resources!

Our Core Value for the month is Citizenship which includes being a responsible digital citizen. See below for some resources for your students.

The Yucky Bug by Julia Cook
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State Assessment Update

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is waiving all STAAR testing requirements for the current school year, he announced in a statement Monday. He is also requesting suspension of federal testing requirements. Please see the image below for the message from the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
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From Nurse Burke

Hi Patriot family! I hope everyone is doing well. This new way of “doing school” certainly has presented its challenges, but I am truly thankful for the extra time with my family. We are all finding new ways each day to learn, laugh, and bond closer together through all of this. I miss seeing all my students and their smiling faces. Please let them know I am thinking of them while they are at home, and I encourage them to continue to make healthy choices including washing their hands often…just like we learned in school.

Parents, if you have questions that I can help with…please reach out. I am here for you as a resource to help where I can. Below is information from the National Association of School Nurses with specific community guidelines and recommendations. Please look it over and keep the links for a reliable resource if you need to help others you come in contact with in your area.

I am available from 10am-12pm weekdays by phone (281-284-4113) or by email at if needed.

Best Regards,

Allison Burke RN, BSN

NASN COVID-19 Update:

In order that our health care system not be overwhelmed there is an urgent need to provide wide dissemination of the following message to your community.

· Social Distancing – more cases of community transmission are expected and we are still within window of opportunity to stem the tide

    • Avoid groups, 6 ft – literature supports effectiveness of these
    • Stay home and only move outside the area of your home for essential functions
    • Avoid areas where people congregate such as shopping malls, theaters, etc.
    • Cancel events with gathering larger than 10 people.
    • 80% of people have mild symptoms of fever and cough - You should stay home and isolate yourself from well individuals
    • If you think your illnesses getting worse call your healthcare provider. They will tell you if you should visit the office.
    • If you develop shortness of breath or chest pain contact EMS and tell them all of your symptoms
    • Cancel/postpone non-urgent elective procedures
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Helpful links

Both Harris and Galveston county public health websites are trusted resources and sites.

Galveston county updates their website with new cases etc at 12pm daily and Harris County does so at 3pm.

Take a Break!

Resources to keep students reading

Ms. Woodson has been hard at work updating the Parr Library Its Learning Page. Continue to check there for new and updated resources! (You can access it via the Parr homepage)