The Titans Curse

By: Rick Riordan

By: Rick Riordan

312 pages

Just one phone call from him, changed everything.

When Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia receive an urgent call from their friend Grover, they go with a few cloths and riptide. When they get to Grover, they realize that two unknown half-bloods, Bianca and Nico di Angelo, are at Westover hall, but that's not it. The Titans lord, Kronos, has created a trap that will be the most difficult for the friends to get out of. Percy gets kicked out of the mission to defeat Kronos, but sneaks into the mission. The only way Percy would be able to escape is with the help of their enemies, the hunters. Despite their conflict, they know that working together would be the only way to save the two half-bloods and uncover the mystery of the Titans Curse. This will be be the most difficult and tragic journey that Percy will go on and I think that there is no guarantee that he or his friends will make it back.

Never lose courage no matter what it takes.

This book connects with me in many different ways. For instance, when Percy feels like he doesn't understand something and he doesn't want to sound stupid, he just goes with the flow and doesn't understand much. This happens to me many times with my family and friends. Also I can relate to Percy when he feels like he can't do something but than he gains his courage and fights.This book bought me about courage, responsibility, and care for others.

This story was written in first person.

I put a horse here because a flying horse led Percy to his main journey so this horse was a very significant part of the book.

By: Anushka Koratana