Happy Monday!

May 9, 2016

Good morning! I plan on using this format next year to share weekly news, give shout-outs, share articles, and give some general motivation. What I would like to know is would you prefer to receive these newsletters on Fridays to look at the week ahead (to begin with the end in mind) or on Monday mornings? Please use this link to indicate your preference. Also, I would love some suggestions for fun names! Most creative name that is selected will win a Starbucks card from me (feel free to use alliteration, include the habits, etc).


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Good luck on STAAR this week!!!

TLIM Blogs

I’m not sure if any of you have enrolled to receive the Leader in Me blog entries, but if not, I would highly recommend it! These entries are brief and impactful and allow for educators to see how TLIM makes an impact in other schools. I linked 2 of them below, 1 from this week and 1 from a few weeks ago (The one on the Pay it Forward Campaign was great…. I could see us doing this in the future… I am curious to hear your thoughts on it!).

Sharpen the Saw in the Community

Pay it Forward Campaign

What are Big Rocks?

Also, I realized recently that I used the terms “big rocks” and “little rocks” a lot and you all may have no clue what I’m talking about. Below is a video that is actually shown during the 7 habits Signature Training that explains (check out the giant shoulder pads… the video is from 1989 :).

What will be your big rocks for this week? My work big rock is STAAR, my personal big rock is getting outside and walking a couple of times, and my family/ relationship big rock is spending some extra time with my 6 year

Put The First Things First Habit 3 Part B Prioritizing Your First Things [28]

Rachel E. Garrett


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