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What comes to mind when you hear that word? Webster's defines it as "the practice or tendency of being positive or with an optimistic attitude." I feel like sometimes this is a lot easier to express than other times. I once heard that it takes 10 positive comments to dispel or build up someone after 1 negative. Why is it so easy to get caught up in negative talk? Even when we receive a compliment, we often feel the need to point out some inadequacy that we have to prove we "aren't worthy" of the praise.
My challenge to you this month is to focus on the positive. When you wake up in the morning, try to speak something positive over yourself. Then find someone to speak something positive to. If someone says something positive to you, thank them, receive it, and hold on to it. Basically, not "thanks BUT..." statements allowed. :)
At the end of this month, or even throughout, I'd love to hear some of the positive things you've shared and seen!

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April Showers Bring...the STAAR

The teachers and students have been working so hard to prepare for this test. I wish that this test didn't have so much emphasis, because I know our students are worth more than the number they receive from it.

I don't want any students stressing out over this test, all I want is their best. I know they can do this!

Please make sure they have a healthy breakfast and lots of rest to prepare physically for this mental challenge!

STAAR Video...FUN!!!

Boot Camp

April 2nd-6th 5th and 8th Grade will be conducting Reading and Math Boot Camp!

4th and 7th will have Writing boot camp!

This time is to prepare students for the STAAR in a fun and team building way!

All other grade levels will have their Boot Camp closer to May. We would love to have parents come in and help or participate in the fun activities we have planned!


To encourage students to give their best on the STAAR test, we are offering a grade level wide incentive!

5th and 8th Grade: If their passing percentage increases by 10% then the entire grade level will receive free dress for the week!


The following students were reported to be doing an outstanding job this past month

Kindergarten- Julianys Tirado, La'Miracle Fields, Alexander Duran

1st Grade- Hope Lee, Andrew Grossman

2nd Grade- Titus Lowery, Abdul Abdul-Rahman, Jaida Gordon

3rd Grade- Christiansen Ibe, Randi Lennartz, Abraham Cruz, Morgan Shed

4th Grade- Caleb Paige

5th Grade- Rayunna Murray, KoMatthew Phengvongcham, Jayla Robinson

6th Grade- Labrycne Johnson

7th Grade- Keshawn Clayborn, Zion Singleton

8th Grade- Michelle Molina, Fernando Castrejon, Vanity Gonzalez

9th Grade- Lizeth Cisneros, Stephanie Seiter

WAY TO GO EAGLES!!! I am very proud of these students as well as all of our amazing students!


April 2nd- College Shirt Monday!!!!

April 2nd- PIA Meeting 6:30pm

April 2nd- Open Enrollment Begins

April 3rd- Kindergarten Round Up 5pm-7pm

April 2nd-6th= 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th STAAR Boot Camp

April 10th- 4th/5th/7th/8th/9th STAAR TESTING (Closed Campus- NO VISITORS)

April 11th- 5/8th STAAR Testing (Closed Campus- No VISITORS)

April 20th- Kite Day (K-5)

Staff Spotlight

Meet Elquanette Dodd

Ms. Dodd is one of our lovely paraprofessionals. She is always going above and beyond to help our students and teachers experience success! We are very blessed to have her here at TLCA!

Meet Michael Warren " Mr. Michael"

Mr. Michael is one of our wonderful custodians. He has been with TLCA since year 1 and is such a blessing to our campus! Below is his bio:

"Hello, my name is Michael. Most students and staff call me Mr. Michael. I've been working for TLCA for 4 years now and I love it! I like the students and staff. I love my family and friends. My hobbies are fishing and race cars. My favorite food is barbecue, a good burger and hot wings."