Housing In Singapore

Past,Present, Future

Singapore's housing in the past

Interview questions and responses
Question 1:If there was something the residents want to change, what would it be?

Answer: One would want to install lifts, while the others do not want to change anything.

Question 2:Why do the residents like staying in this neighbourhood?

Answer: The interviewees have different answers, like they think it is near Chinatown, grew up there, think it is convenient there, and lastly, the sculptures and buildings are pretty and unique.

Question 3:What place in the neighbourhood is most enjoyable to you?

Answer: Market because there are a lot of good food and friends.

Question 4:Which landmark in this neighbourhood makes you feel a sense of belonging?

Answer: Market,because most of the time are spent there and it is different from the others.

Question 5:How would you feel if this certain place is removed or changed?

Answer:Sad because it is a place where they spent a lot of their time there.c

GI group research on TB

Tiong Bahru has a lot of facilities like the community centre and the national library. It has a lot of other activities too. It has a plaza which has a wide selection of facilities. The facilities make the residents feel comfortable and they get to enjoy themselves with such facilities. Many young people have been flocking to Tiong Bahru ever since the HDB relaxed the rules which prohibits singles from buying small flats near the city. Many elderly also live there since World War 2 and like to sit at a corner coffeeshop and indulge in idle chats.

Singapore's housing in the present

The SengKang neighbourhood has a lot of facilities. It has a few shopping malls for everyone to shop or buy things and playgrounds too for the younger ones.

Singapore's housing in the future

There could be escalators for the residents to move faster and easily. For wheelchair bound users, there could be much more lifts so that they could move easier. There would be playgrounds for the physically disabled. They can go up the playground with a slope or a ramp built in. There could also be a slide for a much easier way of going down.