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picture of julius caesar above

Julius Caesar was very powerful and almost everyone liked him and cheered for him. he didn't have any worries about being not powerful or doubted. his good friend brutus knew he was powerful and he was okay with that,he always had been but, on the other hand his other friends were trying to make brutus powerful and go against his best friend.
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brutus Julius's best friend

in act 1 caesars friends are trying to turn brutus against him because that want him to be in charge and want to kill caesar. brutus and caesar are best friends that means he will have to go against him. the people love caesar so its not going to be easy.


Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar summary
calpurnia has dreams of ceasar being murdered , she will not let him leave the house she is scared he will be killed. caesar will not stay home he doesn't wanna seem scared. decius interprets calpurnias dream as positive so that caesar will go to the senate and he tries to convince calpurnia it was a good dream.


caesars assassination

cassius is worried that the plan to kill caesar is discovered. cassius is the first to stab caesar.the rest are to follow and brutus is the last to stab him. brutus tells the conspiritors to bathe they hands in Caesar's blood.
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