January 10- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

Back at it!

It's been a great week back! With as many new students as we've gotten, I hope you've had a chance to revisit some of your classroom expectations and "why we do" what we do. Knowing that the MAP window is open, this is another great opportunity to talk about goals and growth!

Go Cowboys!

In honor of the success and to support our DALLAS COWBOYS Wolves are invited to wear your favorite Cowboys gear tomorrow!

Go Cowboys!!

BAS Letters and more...

BAS letters go home today.

We will send home our MAP data sheets and information to parents on 2/7/19.

We will also be scheduling our Spring Conferences the week of February 12th. These conferences are for students who scored below the 39th percentile on MAP or if you have significant concerns about their growth and progress. These will need to be longer than a 10-minute fly by, so please plan accordingly! (Note: no late night, yay!)

For those students whom you will NOT be scheduling a conference with, here is a note that you can send home (Thanks, JT!!) that allows you to speak of an individualized need for each student. By sending this home, we will be meeting the needs of a parent base who WANTS to help and to also be in the know with their student. Remember, we took the phrase "Your Wolf is doing fine." out of our vocabulary in the Fall. :)

if you could, please turn in who you are meeting with and WHY into my box before spring break.

Thank you!

Talking tardies!

If you have a student who is struggling to get here on time, on a semi-regularly basis, we're working on something that can be sent home individually reminding each Wolf of our hours and expectations. You may also let Morgan and I know who you are concerned about, as we can touch base with the family as well.

Speaking of BAS...here is the attachment to be shared with parents again!

Morgan's Musings

STAAR Testing Grades:

Accommodations- I am working on "Cheat Sheets" for each teacher with student accommodations. I will bring these around soon so we can cross-check what I have with what you are doing in the classroom. Then I can adjust as needed!

Documentation- Please don't forget to document the accommodations you are providing. This can be done in gradebook, written on the actual assignment, in a spreadsheet, however your brain works! If you want assignment labels that can just be stuck at the top, see me! I can get those printed for you!


Bad Weather- Make sure you know where to go in the instance of bad weather (i.e. a tornado)....talk it over with your kiddos very soon! :) It would not hurt to review lockdown procedures as well!



Michele Frame 8

Sarah Filip 20

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Calendar Comings

11 Student Celebrations



16 Babovec is here! (AM, PLC's afternoon observations and feedback!)

17 PTA council luncheon

18 Mother/Son night 7-8:30


22 AT out, staff meeting, alll books coin drive begins

23 Writing Checkpoint, team leader meeting

24 Power out, AP meeting

25 writing checkpoint scoring

28 school board meeting, book fair week begins

29 100th day of school

30 Bond presentation by Dr. Spicer 3pm

31 Book Fair late night, parent think tank 6-7pm

The work you do has POWER...