literary Elements

by Louis and Cristian

Part 1

The exposition is the start of the story it includes character and setting. This story will help you understand the exposition, Climax,rising action, perepitea, falling action and resolution. Read the story then try to find these in the story.

The Protagonist Mega Shadow flying in the dark and coldness of Chicago's night looking for the Evil antagonist Doctor razor who is said to be hiding in Chicago City. If he is not found then he will be able to finish his evil work. To take over the World!

part 2

Doctor razor was also hunting the Mega Shadow. Time is running out Doctor Razor found the Mega Shadow and then he finally got his attention and realized that it wasn't him. The Doctor razor turned around and saw The Mega Shadow! Doctor razor tackled him and then they punched each other and went to the roof of a building and Doctor razor tackled him of the roof and they both fell the Mega Shadow was knocked out Doctor razor won but later was arrested he may have won the fight but still was taken to prison. The End.

Here see if you can find these in the story

Climax,rising action, perepitea, and falling action

The climax is the exciting part. The rising action is when its building suspense and leading to the climax. Perepetea is the turning point as you know the mighty Mega Shadow lost to the Doctor Razor you may have thought the Mega Shadow was gonna win. That was perepetea!

Then the falling Acton and resolution the falling Acton is when the story is staring to end. The resolution is when usually the conflict is solved and when the story ends.