Findley Flyer 7/31/2020

Findley Oaks Elementary-Home of the Findley Falcons!

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Universal Remote Learning Information

Learning Schedule for Findley Oaks

Dear Findley Families,

Included below is our Universal Remote Learning schedule for Findley Oaks. This schedule was created using district guidelines for minimum time allotments and subject area requirements. Also, you will see that the times allotted are non-consecutive (reading is broken up between a reading block and I/E block). This allows time for brain breaks and transitioning. We were intentional in keeping families in mind when creating this schedule. You will see consistency with transition times, lunch, and recess across all grade levels.

Our goal is that our students are engaged in meaningful and rigorous instruction daily. Additionally, it is important that there is a balance of synchronous, asynchronous, small group, and independent learning just as there is with face-to-face instruction.

Shaded in gray-Transition, lunch, recess.

Transition time-This is a time for students to take a break from their screens, transition between classes, and organize materials.

Shaded in green-These are blocks of times where students will engage in daily synchronous instruction. Note that during that block of time, students may also engage in small group or independent learning in addition to synchronous.

I/E Block-This is the block of time when students engage in reading and math interventions or enrichment. At times there may be synchronous instruction, iReady, or independent work.

3rd-5th-You will notice that there are 2 sessions for reading, math, writing, social studies, and science. This is because we are departmentalized. Your child’s teacher(s) will communicate when students attend sessions 1 or 2.

Office Hours-Office hours are provided for students to ask questions one on one to their teacher(s).

PreK-2nd Grade-Since Fulton County is not distributing devices to these grade levels (2nd grade is coming-date TBD), instructional packets will be provided if a device is not available. Your teachers will communicate more information during their welcome email on August 11.

TAG, EIP, ESOL, Special Education-You will receive more information from these teachers. Services will be provided.

Your child’s teacher will communicate more specifics in their welcome email on August 11 and weekly newsletters that will go out on Fridays. The first one will go out on Friday, August 14.

Universal Remote Learning Schedule PDF

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Universal Remote District Guidelines

Per the district, we will follow the elementary school minimum time allotments. The guidance regarding the minimum number of minutes includes a combination of synchronous (live or learning that occurs in real time) and asynchronous (learning that occurs on the student's time with provided materials) instruction. Please note that the times allotted will be non-consecutive.

PreK-2nd Grade
  • 105 Total Minutes Per Day (minimum)
  • Reading: 30 Minutes
  • Math: 30 Minutes
  • Specials: 30 Minutes (for PreK specials are led by the PreK teacher)
  • Science/Social Studies: 15 Minutes

3rd-5th Grade

  • 180 Total Minutes Per Day (minimum)
  • Reading: 45 Minutes
  • Math: 45 Minutes
  • Writing: 30 Minutes
  • Specials: 30 Minutes
  • Science/Social Studies: 30 Minutes

Elementary Expectations:

  • PreK-2nd Grade District Provided Packets and School Developed Plans (we will include synchronous instruction for these grade levels).
  • Learning packets will be available for ESOL and Special Education students.
  • 3rd-5th-Daily Live Synchronous Instruction.
  • Utilization of Microsoft Teams and iReady.
  • Instruction Monday-Friday.

Grading Expectations

Teachers will communicate specifics around grading.

PreK-2nd Grade
  • S: Satisfactory
  • N: Needs Improvement
  • U: Unsatisfactory
  • I: Incomplete

3rd-5th Grade

  • A: 90 and above
  • B: 80-89
  • C: 70-79
  • F: 69 and below
  • I: Incomplete

Important Dates

August 3-Teachers return

August 5-Virtual Kindergarten Roundup-3:00 pm (link will be sent to families prior to event)

August 5-Virtual PreK Curriculum Event-4:30 pm (link will be sent to families prior to event)

August 7-Parents can view schedules in the Parent Portal. Link to Infinite Campus Parent Portal information:

August 12-Virtual Sneak Peek via Microsoft Teams (details included in flyer)

August 13-Distribution of student items for learning at home. We will be communicating the schedule for a curbside pick-up.

August 17-First Day of School!

Curriculum Nights-More to come

August 25-Virtual Curriculum Night (ESOL, Special Education, and TAG)

August 26-Virtual Curriculum Night (Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th)

August 27-Virtual Curriculum Night (1st, 3rd, 5th)

Administration Team

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Once school is in session, the first person to contact will always be your child's teacher.

  • David Applegate- The Instructional Support Teacher (IST) coordinates programs and service delivery for special education students. He coordinates educational testing for students who are referred for special education services. Parents with questions about the special education process should contact the IST for information.
  • Cindy Lamb-The Assistant Principal who oversees student information (Infinite Campus, Parent Portal), grading, standardized testing, discipline.
  • Kate Hernandez-The School Counselor works with school personnel to foster a positive learning environment for children. The counselor assists parents in understanding children and in developing positive attitudes, techniques, and strategies essential for constructive child rearing. The counselor assists parents and children in obtaining special school and/or community services and helps conduct the SST and testing programs.
  • Renee Morris-The Curriculum Support Teacher (CST) Parents with questions involving curriculum, class placement, and diagnostic placement assessments are invited to contact the Curriculum Support Teacher for information.

3. If further assistance is still needed, contact the Principal, Camille Christopher.

Infinite Campus-Parent Portal Activation

Parents, please make sure you are signed up for Infinite Campus!

Enter your email address here to receive parent portal activation information.


  • Our teachers will post their assignments for the week in Microsoft Teams by close of business on Friday.
  • Assignments will include the learning objectives for the week, due dates for specific tasks, and times when the teacher will be available for "office hours" via video or phone calls in Microsoft Teams.
  • There will be video tutorials shared on how to access Classlink and navigate Microsoft Teams prior to the first day of school.
  • Teachers will send weekly newsletters on Fridays.

Take 5 Tech Tutorials

We will update this with tutorials for parents and students on how to access the tech tools.

Classlink Tutorial

Mackin VIA Tutorial


  • All 3rd-5th grade students will receive a device prior to August 17. We will communicate the distribution plan next week.
  • Once students have a device please do the following: Login from home, update the device if prompted, leave on for 30 minutes daily prior to school starting on August 17. This will allow for updates to be applied, if applicable.
  • The board has approved to purchase devices for 2nd grade students, but those will not be available until a later date.
  • Students will access their applications such as Microsoft Teams, iReady, and other Fulton County approved applications via Classlink.

Social/Emotional Wellness

This year, all students in Fulton County in grades K-12 will engage in Student Success Skills in collaboration with REthink Ed. The teachers will teach standards for self-awareness, self-management, social competence, collaborative problem solving, reflective learning strategies, and sense of belonging.

During remote learning, Student Success Skills will be taught on T, W, and TH from 8:00 am-8:15 am.

Sneak Peek

  • On August 11 parents will receive an email from the homeroom teacher. The email will include an introduction letter, their Universal Remote Learning schedule, supplies needed for learning from home, and other information.
  • August 12 is our Sneak Peek event. We will have a staggered schedule so that grade levels do not overlap. Each teacher will be available for 45 minutes, so you and your child have the option to join at anytime within that 45 minute window.
  • All Sneak Peek information will be located on a Weebly site and we will share this in advance. The site will also include PTA information.

Sneak Peek Live Teams Schedule:

8:30 am-9:15 am-KK

9:15 am-10:00 am-1st Grade

10:00 am-10:45 am-2nd Grade

10:45 am-11:30 am-3rd Grade

11:30 am-12:15 pm-4th Grade

12:15 pm-1:00 pm-5th Grade

1:00 pm-1:45 pm-Pre-K

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

To continue free or reduced price meal benefits for students each household must complete a new application every year. Free and Reduced Meal Benefits will end on September 28, 2020, if the household has not reapplied for SY2020-2021. If there is an interruption in benefits or the household does not reapply, the household is responsible for payment of meals until the Free and Reduced Application is approved. To help assure continuation of benefits, households must complete an online application by September 27, 2020, at

District COVID-19 Updates

Check back often for updates:

After School Programs

Attached are flyers for virtual after school programs. As we receive more from the other programs, we will share those as well.