5 Common Sewer Inspection Signs

5 Common Plumbing Repair Signs That Indicate You Require A Sewer Inspection

A lot of homeowners don’t recognize the signs that they’re experiencing issues within their property’s sewer lines until it’s way too late, which is why it’s so important to always get a regular sewer inspection by your local plumbers at least once per year.

We’re fortunate to have come together with Beehive Plumbing, a team of Master Plumbers based out of Utah, to help us compile this list of 5 common signs found within sewer inspections that your property needs professional plumbing assistance.

So here are the 5 common signs!

Foul Odors Permeating Throughout Your Home

This is by far one of the most common (and obvious) signs that occur when it comes to sewer line inspection issues, and it’s something that happens a lot more than most people would think!

Many times you’ll smell really gross smells coming from your plumbing fixtures like your toilets, showers and sinks, and this is definitely a serious issue that requires professional plumbing assistance as quickly as possible.

What these foul smells indicates is that you’re experiencing a ventilation issue within your sewer line, and this can potentially be dangerous is left unaddressed!

Low Water Pressure/Levels

This is another clear sign that you’re going to need a professional sewer line inspection, because low water levels is an indication that you’re experiencing a rather seriously clogged sewer line. It’s also important to closely recognize whether or not your also simultaneously experiencing any strange fluctuations within your property’s water levels as well.

So if water levels are low one day and then normal the next and then back to low again, then it’s a sign that you’re going through a pretty serious damage to your sewer line that needs to be properly identified and addressed.

Slow Draining

Slow draining is another really common sign that you’re going to need a sewer line inspection on your property, and this issue can become apparent within your tubs, toilets and sinks.

Of course slow drains may not necessarily be a serious plumbing issue and can sometimes be pretty easily resolved, but it’s always a serious issue if you go through regular, DIY drain cleaning methods and you’re still experiencing issues.

Sewage Blockages And Backups

Sewage backup in your home is always a pretty serious plumbing emergency that you’re going to want to get fixed as quickly as possible. The odds are that if you’re experiencing this issue that you ended up putting off your need for a sewer inspection for a little too long!

Things like grease and other debris can get stuck in your pipes and create full clogs, and this then leads to backups that are hard to control. No matter what, if you’re experiencing sewer backups and blockages you’re going to need professional plumbing assistance!

Overflowing Septic Tank

Many homes that have septic tanks end up experiencing overflows and other issues that are simply hard to control, and you’ll typically notice a septic tank overflow by seeing large pools of wastewater within your yard.

It’s definitely a very gross issue that you’re going to want to avoid at all costs, but if you are experiencing this rather common issue then it’s definitely time to call the pros in to help!