Your Life Matters

Preventing Suicide

What to Look Out For

  1. Depression and Hopelessness
  2. Lack of energy and zest for life
  3. Personality changes such as apathy or moodiness
  4. Neglect of or dramatic change in appearance
  5. Extreme sensitivity to what others say and do

What will help

  1. Call the number: 1(800) 273-8255
  2. Guidance Councilor
  3. See a therapist
  4. Talk to an parent, guardian, teacher, or someone who you trust
  5. Go to the

How it is Preventable:

  1. You can find and bring them to a professional.
  2. You should look for warning signs.
  3. You must tell them their worth to you and everyone else. You could also tell them how life is a gift.
  4. You can bring them to meetings to here other stories and how they are getting over it.
  5. Tell your school councilor about what is going on and how you feel.
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