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Special COURSE REQUEST EDITION - January 18, 2022

We hope your first few days back at school have gone well! Now that Semester 2 is underway, believe it or not, it's time to plan for NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!

You have received information on the 2022-2023 COURSE SELECTION PROCESS in your email, and the Student Services Department at EHS is here to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

In addition to some REQUIRED courses that students must take in order to graduate, you have some important decisions on which classes you'd like to take in certain subjects as well as how you'd like to spend your time with electives. It's okay for students to be more or less excited for certain classes, but take this opportunity to reflect on what you like, what you're good at, how you can be challenging yourself, and how potential classes can help build a foundation for your future.

Freshmen will be meeting with counselors during Group Guidance to explore and choose classes, and juniors will be reviewing course selections during individual college planning meetings later this spring, but ALL STUDENTS are invited to meet with or email counselors with any questions or for help planning our your courses!

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Ikigai (生き甲斐, 'a reason for being') is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

2022-2023 Curriculum Guide

Please review this important document, outlining all requirements and course descriptions, prior to selecting classes on PowerSchool!

Important Dates to Remember!

February 3rd -- Freshmen will receive course information in Group Guidance

January 31st-February 11th -- 9th-11th grades select and request courses on PowerSchool


February 21st-24th -- Students who were not accepted into AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, or Edgewood College courses will be notified

March 7-11 -- Parents/guardians will verify course requests through PowerSchool

Factors to Consider When Choosing Courses

  • Do you have a strong historical record in this subject area?
  • Are you INTERESTED in this area as a future career/major?
  • Are you confident in your work ethic, organizational skills, time management, personal responsibility, and willingness to ask questions/seek help?
  • What does the rest of your SCHOOL schedule look like? Do you have too many challenging classes? Will you use your free time wisely?
  • What does your LIFE schedule look like? Will you have enough time to devote to homework, reading, and independent studying?

New Bell Schedule in 2022-2023

As you are choosing courses, please keep in mind that your schedule will look a little different next year!

All classes will meet for the same amount of time - regardless of subject, grade level, etc. That means that you can't plan for "every other day" off in religion or PE, or an "off mod" in your academic courses. A maximum of 8 credits can be taken (a maximum of 7 credits if enrolling in the LRC,) and there will not be room in the new schedule to accommodate "overloads" of 8.5+ credits as there have been on occasion in the past. Please keep these points in mind as you are balancing your course requests.

To review the changes being made to the EHS schedule, please view this video.


Below is a summary of NEW COURSES & REQUIREMENTS for the 2022-2023 School Year


The visual art sequence of courses has been adjusted to include Visual Arts Foundations and Digital Arts Foundations courses - which are required before students continue into subsequent art courses.


Dual Enrollment Introduction to Shakespeare is a dual enrollment class - rising seniors who are interested in theater, reading, analyzing, and performing plays, and watching film adaptations of Shakespearean greats are encouraged to take this class!


With the change to a new schedule structure, PE requirements and courses have been adjusted accordingly. Please review the changes below closely to be sure you are meeting your PE graduation requirements:

  • Class of 2025 is required to have 1.5 credits of PE plus .5 credit of Health
  • Class of 2024 is required to have 2 credits of PE plus .5 credit of Health
  • Class of 2023 is required to have 2.5 credits of PE plus .5 credit of Health

New courses: Fitness & Wellness for Life (combination of former FESBYT & Weightlifting,) Recreational Activities & Team Sports are no longer separated by Fall/Spring semesters. Students can repeat these classes for credit multiple times.

Since each class is a semester long, if a student wishes to take 1 credit of PE in a certain course, please enroll in levels "1" and "2" on PowerSchool. For example:

- If you wish to take .5 credit of Team Sports, select "Team Sports 1."

- If you wish to take 1.0 credit of Team Sports, select "Team Sports 1" and "Team Sports 2."

- If you wish to take .5 credit of Team Sports and .5 credit of Recreational Activities, please click "Team Sports 1" and "Recreational Activities 1."


Dual Enrollment Physics Light & Magnetism extends to new topics beyond Physics/Physics Honors in a more "theoretical" way (whereas AP Physics C dives deeper into the same concepts as Physics Honors with a heavy math focus.)

Forensic Science - a combination of biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy, focused on methodical gathering, interpretation and analysis of evidence to establish facts that can be presented in a legal preceding.


Where Personal, Social, Moral Psychology has historically been a RELIGION class, Introduction to Psychology is now being moved to the SOCIAL STUDIES department. Students who took Personal/Moral/Social Psychology as a religion credit are NOT eligible to take this class as a social studies credit.

AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Edgewood College Courses

You'll notice in the curriculum guide that EHS offers many AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Edgewood College classes. All four of these types of classes are designed to be more challenging in nature and involve extra time, commitment, a faster pace, and require more academic independence.

As a result, they are graded on a 5.0 weighted scale when factored into your GPA. For example, an "A" in Physics will be factored in as a 4.0 on your GPA, but an "A" in Physics Honors will be factored in as a 5.0 on your GPA.

It will be very important for students to reflect on whether AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Edgewood College classes are right for you. Please have a conversation with your parents/guardians, considering the factors below in choosing classes - AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, Edgewood College, or otherwise. And, please reach out to your counselor with any questions!

HONORS COURSES: Taught and designed by EHS teachers, for students who have a strong history in the corresponding subject, in preparation for college level/AP work.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) COURSES: Taught by EHS teachers, mirroring the CollegeBoard's Advanced Placement Course Outlines. These classes are designed to be the equivalent of an introductory college freshman course in the same subject. EHS requires all AP students to take an AP exam in the corresponding subject, in May 2023. High scores on these exams may translate directly into future college credit.

Students who are interested in AP courses should request them alongside their other courses, but departments will be reviewing requests and contacting students for whom they determine AP may not be a best fit. All accepted students will be required to sign an AP Contract indicating that they understand the expectations and requirements of taking an AP Course. For more info, please read the "AP at Edgewood" document.

DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES: Introduction to Shakespeare and Physics of Light & Electromagnetism give students the comfort and familiarity of taking courses AT Edgewood High School and taught BY Edgewood High School teachers, but experience a college level curriculum, typically taught in one semester, over the entire school year. Passing these classes will result in credit both at EHS (on a 5.0 scale) and at UW-Whitewater (Shakespeare) and Edgewood College (Physics.)

EDGEWOOD COLLEGE COURSES: Business and Computer Science courses taught by Edgewood College professors, who will be teaching the course as they would teach traditional college students. Students are expected to have strong self-advocacy and communication skills, as well as display high levels of independence and responsibility. Students will abide by all Edgewood College policies, syllabi, calendars, online resources/learning systems, etc. While an EHS counselor will serve as a liaison between EHS families and Edgewood College, please note that professors will only communicate with the enrolled student. Due to FERPA laws, parents/guardians will not be contacted directly regarding course progress, work ethic, academic integrity concerns or any other specifics regarding course work/progress.

As we are limited in seats based on enrollment agreements with Edgewood College, not all course requests will be approved and students should prepare to have alternate course requests.


By taking dual enrollment and Edgewood College courses, you are entering in an agreement with UW-Whitewater and Edgewood College, in addition to Edgewood HS. Grades from Dual Enrollment and Edgewood College courses will appear on an official college transcripts as well as on your EHS transcript. Although students must communicate with admissions offices of prospective colleges to confirm whether these courses will transfer to another institution, you are required to report the grade from this class to be incorporated into your official college transcript, which WILL follow you to wherever you attend college.

GOOD REASONS to take AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Edgewood College Courses

  • To challenge yourself further in an area that you ENJOY, have seen success thus far, and in which you are willing to WORK HARD!

  • To earn POTENTIAL college credit or advanced standing in college

  • To show colleges/universities that you are capable of rigorous, college level work

  • Because you have the time, organizational skills, and commitment level to do well

BAD REASONS to take AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Edgewood College Courses

  • Because your friends, siblings, parents, or “everyone else” is taking/took them

  • Because you think you NEED them to get into a good college or it will “look good”

  • Because you want to boost your GPA with the 5.0 weighted grade

AP & Dual Enrollment English - Placement Tests

If you are interested in an AP or Dual Enrollment English class, you must take a placement test! Please see the document provided by the English Department below for more information on how, where, and when to complete this required step for requesting one of these courses.