Moon Light News

Whos child does it belong to?

The babies mother Alberta died after giving birth to her child. Its hard for troy to make decisions to make whether to bring the baby into the family or move out to live somewhere else.

During Act 2

Act 2 of August, Wilson's play fences. Rose Takes care of Troy's baby. "I'll take care of your baby for you, cause like you said.. shes innocent (79)." From this quote, we can tell Rose is willing to become the mother of this child, because she believes its not the child's fault to be alive in this world. "From right now, this child got a mother, but you a woman less man (79)." Rose seems like she does not appreciate what her husband had done towards her, but yet she is very heartbroken and decided to be a strong woman and take the responsibility of Alberta. (The child's real blooded mother Alberta, had died once she gave birth.) Later on Rose separates from Troy to show him that shes dead to him but physically there being Alberta. Yet now Troy doesn't have neither of them now.

Cory Being Agressive To Troy

The son of Troy Maxon, Cory, he becomes careless with his actions. One time after his dad, Troy spoke to his bestfriend Bono; he sits on the steps in front of his house and sings to his drunk self. Cory comes walking in the fence and tries to maneuver pass Troy. Troy being drunk he takes it as a sign disrespects, so he grabs cory's leg and pushes him back of the steps. "You just gonna walk over the top of me without saying excuse me (85). Troy asks, Cory gets defensive, "You dont count around here anymore (85). Cory get deffensive, "You dont count around here anymore (85)" Cory said this because he feels that his father had an affair with some woman and had a child out of her. He feels he shouldn't even be living with the family anymore.

Troy erupts and explains to Cory that the house is his and it took him 15 years to pay for it. This clearly shows that Troy still feels he has a place in the house but beyond everyone else. He built the fences to keep his family together, so if anyone wants to isolate someone; Its going to be Troy making that decision. The dramatic scene escalates to a much bigger problem. Cory picks up a bat after being shoved by Troy and refuses to leave the yard after Troy had asked him to swerve. Cory takes a swing at Troy but misses on purpose. This shows that Cory is not ready to step up to take the plate and take charge. It shows that he still loves his father to hurt him. Eventually Troy gains possession of the bat and tells Cory to get it. Cory walks out the yard slowly in a defeated manner. This outta taught Cory a lesson never to stand up to the plate especially when his father is pitching.

Troy Is The Strict Type Of Dad

Troy seems just like my father. Hes really strict and aggressive, using hard strong words. But I know he doesn't really mean it. He does it for the good. For me to be successful and to not slack off. Like teens my age are now becoming more and more careless of their education and they go out to partying and do drugs and alcohol. Troy told Cory that he didn't care if he liked him but Cory was only his responsibility to take care of him. Also Troy can get very physical with Cory when hes trying to put some sense in Corys head. This totally reminds me of my dad when he sees that im doing this that i am not suppose to. He just gets overwhelmed and starts to get physical with me but it hurts too, cause im old enough to understand by just talking. Not to the point where he starts to act physical.