Save Brushy Creek Trail

By:Anna Mishler

Brushy Creek Trail

People are going to destroy the Brushy Creek Trail!If we do destroy the trail that is 2 miles of at least 11 120 feet tall Transmission Towers. It will destroy 2 miles of the trail and it will be cut in halve so you will need to exit the trail,get on the road,then get back on the trail and past the towers!Do you really want that to happen?Think of all the animals That will die if we destroy Halve of the trail!Think of all the rabbits,deer,birds,raccoons,foxes, and all of the other animals that live there.They will all die! Please be on my side and save the Brushy Creek Trail!

Info Of The Transmission Towers


The towers will be at least 100 feet tall and 60-100 feet of trees and animals cleared on the bottom for at least 100 feet.they will be along 2 1/2 miles of the Brushy Creek Trail.There will be 10 or 11 towers along the trail.60 desks could fit under the transmission towers.