URCEO Virtual Welcome Kit

High School 2021-2022 (Updated 1/15/22)

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Considering Transitioning to URCEO Virtual?

We are here to support you should you choose the virtual option for your child's high school experience. In this kit, we want to both inform you of our practices and prepare you for the adjustments to this learning format.

Our Welcome Kit shares the most important information and expectations for URCEO Virtual families. If you find that we are the right choice for your family, we look forward to welcoming you to the learning community! Please do not hesitate to reach out early on. Adapting to change can easily lead to frustration, but you are not alone in this journey. We are here to help you.

Thank you,
Mrs. Green & staff


Our students have a compressed schedule and only take 4 classes per term. Each term, which is traditionally a grading quarter, our students complete a semester's worth of instruction. Class periods are longer to accommodate the instructional time necessary to cover learning standards.

Block 1 8:45-10:05 a.m.

Block 2 10:17-11:37 a.m.

Block 3 12:13-1:33 p.m.

Block 4 1:35-2:55 p.m.

Each term, students have four classes that follow a pattern:

  • Terms 1 & 3 are what you could refer to as the "A class schedule"
  • Terms 2 & 4 would be the "B class schedule"

All high schoolers will be assigned to NEST which is a district graduation requirement that meets state law. This class is offered grading periods 1 and 3 during Block 4. This course will support students in developing skills to be successful in the virtual setting as well as prepare them for careers or higher education.

Over the year, students will have completed eight classes which include NEST (7.25 credits) that take place in blocks of time (traditional periods). Students will complete a full year's curriculum in their core content areas in order to meet graduation requirements.

URCEO students who are in need of credit recovery have the advantage of an extra course and the opportunity to accelerate courses. Additionally, the NEST classes for grades 9-12 (1.0 credit) counts toward their elective requirement at URCEO.

Students new to the district will have the option to complete modified NEST assignments in our Newcomers NEST course.

More information on opportunities such as work experience for juniors and seniors to meet elective credit requirements can be found on our webpage.

Elective Selection

URCEO provides a variety of virtual elective options for our students. Classes include yearbook, photography, leadership, creative writing, Student Cadet, office/school aide, and tutoring. Spanish can be taken via Edmentum. Other select offerings will be available using Edmentum courses and a Teacher of Record.

Students can also request electives offered at EPHS. Acceptance in any EPHS course would require in-person attendance. Transportation is not provided by the district. Details on expectations are in the form below.

Students can select their URCCEO elective for Term 3 using this Google Form.

Ninth grade: Terms 1/3: No elective option | Terms 2/4: 2 elective blocks

Tenth grade: Terms 1/3: 1 elective block | Terms 2/4: 2 elective blocks

Eleventh grade: Terms 1/3: 1 elective block | Terms 2/4: 2 elective blocks

Twelve grade: Terms 1/3: 1-2 elective blocks | Terms 2/4: 2-3 elective blocks

Students who need to recover credits for incomplete or failed courses from prior years may be scheduled with a recovery class in place of an elective.

URCEO Requests that Families Identify a Learning Coach for Their Child

In a traditional school, the teacher is in students' physical space and can observe how they are doing and intervene without direct requests based on a child's behavior. Without this advantage in the virtual setting, the home partnership becomes more crucial than ever. We've identified the Learning Coach as a key role in virtual student success.

During the school day, your child's teachers focus on helping them achieve their learning targets, while the Learning Coach serves as the teacher's eyes and ears in the home. The role of the Learning Coach is to:

  • Support remote learning and establish a suitable structure and environment for the school day at home

  • Monitor the student on completing their daily tasks

  • Partner with the teacher to provide motivation and guidance as your child moves through the curriculum

Who can be a Learning Coach?

Any adult the family identifies who is committed to serving as a guide, supporter, and motivator during the school day.


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For Students

We ask our students to access Canvas through Rapid Identity. This allows students to open the web version which has more features.

If your child does not know their EPSD9 username and password, please let us know ASAP so we can assist.

For Parents & Guardians

We ask that you activate your Canvas Observer account if you have not already!

Your Observer Role will connect you to your child’s Canvas classes where you can view assignments, communicate with the teacher, and more!

Customizing Your Canvas Dashboard

We suggest switching to CARD VIEW on your Dashboard and moving your new URCEO classes to the top of the list.

The Learning Lounge

We invite students to use a designated study space for URCEO high schoolers on campus (140 E. Main Street, Eagle Point) as needed. The Learning Lounge is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Students can meet with their teachers in-person during office hours. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

URCEO Virtual students can stay for any designated amount of time. Students will not be released prior to 3:00 p.m. unless a parent/guardian checks them out through the office or has a prearranged written agreement. We require this for safety purposes.

Student Parking

URCEO students with their driver's license who provide their own transportation to campus are asked to park in the asphalt spaces along the chainlink fence off Main St. across from Hillside Elementary. There is a gate to access our campus and an asphalt walkway up to the main office from there.

Meet Your School Support Team

Mrs. Ballinger: Attendance Issues

Report absences by calling Mrs. Ballinger at 541.830.6258.

If you reach voicemail, please include your child’s full name and grade level in your message.

Mrs. O'Sullivan and Mr. Marinucci

Our Title I Family Laison and High School Graduation Coach are available to work with students and their families to ensure student success.

Ms. O'Sullivan, Title I Family Laison, works after school hours to accommodate our working parent/guardian schedules. She can reached after school until 6 p.m. at 541.830.6253.

Mr. Marinucci, Graduation Coach, is part-time and is on campus daily. He can reached at 541.830.6254.

Mrs. Green

Mrs. Green is URCEO's Principal. You can email her or call 541.830.6602.

The URCEO Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Serve the diverse learners of our community by providing a quality virtual educational experience for all K-12 students to ensure their success in an ever changing world.

Our Vision:

Nurture and guide all students through equitable educational opportunities that encourage students to take ownership of their learning and develop into lifelong learners.

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