Hillcrest Family Newsletter

September 18th (21st), 2020

Hillcrest COVID-19 Response

Thank you for the quick response from our 4th grade families on Thursday afternoon as we needed to begin the 4th grade quarantine immediately as per order from the Health Department. I want to stress how well students and staff responded on that afternoon as well. This is truly a process that we all must work together on for us all to keep students and staff safe.

I've been getting some really good questions from families about the quarantine process and I figured it would be a good idea to address them here.

* Why is an entire class (and grade) quarantined?

Contact tracers consider all students in the same elementary school classroom in "close contact". With the size of our classrooms and the size of our classes, we are not able to keep 6 feet between students. Since a class of students spends the entire day in the classroom, including eating lunch, the class is quarantined together.

Since students in each class would play at recesses with the other class of the same grade, the entire grade has been quarantined. Across the district, we have been asked to separate students from each class of the same grade at recess from this point forward to prevent the need to quarantine both sections of a grade.

*What about siblings of students who are quarantined?

The only people who need to quarantine those who are determined to be a close contact to a person who tests positive. The family of the student who is quarantining are considered "tertiary contacts" and are not required to quarantine.

*How can we prevent the need to quarantine?

Continue to limit activity outside of what is necessary. Make sure the entire family is wearing masks and social distancing when out in public. Keep an eye on local positive case rates when considering travel and gatherings. Stay home when sick and keep your child home when they have symptoms...even cold symptoms have turned out to be COVID - 19. If you are questioning whether symptoms are more than a cold, here is a list of testing sites in Waukesha County. The Wisconsin National Guard hosts a testing station at the Waukesha County Expo Center each Monday and Tuesday this month.

It is important to note that COVID-19 is not spreading in our classrooms. Contact tracers have not traced any cases back to being transmitted in school. Masks, quarantines and cleaning efforts are keeping students safe in school. Transmission is coming from work, family and community connections. Wisconsin has had a huge jump in cases with a positive case rate of 17% statewide (ideal for opening businesses, schools and public spaces is 5%). This means that travel and any activity that brings your child in contact with people outside your family could be brining them in contact with COVID-19.

Please continue to reach out with additional questions. The Waukesha County Health Department, Centers for Disease Control and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services have additional resources for us all.

PTO Corner

Note from PTO President


The start to the 2020-2021 school year has been different; however, we are still here for our students, families and staff. Just by being part of Hillcrest, means you are part of PTO. There are no fees or requirements. This year our goal is to work towards keeping our community connected and supporting Hillcrest as a whole.

Should any family need support during this time; please know that your Hillcrest PTO family is here to provide support where possible. Please reach out at your comfort level, to the school or to the PTO board directly. Support could be positive energy, meal drop off, someone to run errands, etc.

PTO Board Contacts:

President: Andrew Vossekuil, lumpymfd@gmail.com

Vice President: Nicole Zeroth, nicolezeroth@gmail.com

Secretary: Liz Rogina, erogina@gmail.com

Treasurer: Dave MacCudden, dmaccudden@yahoo.com

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September Dates

September 22nd: PTO Culver's Night Fundraiser

September 23rd: PTO Meeting 6:15 - 7:15 PM (online option available)

September 25th: Community Day & Husky Hustle

**All events are dependent on COVID-19 guidelines for gatherings. Events will be canceled or rescheduled if Face to Face events are not allowable.