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August 18, 2022

Principal Chat

One week of the 2022-2023 school year is already in the books!

Students started their beginning of year assessments already. As a personalized learning school we rely heavily on data to help our teachers provide instructional activities for our kiddos based on student need. We will continue assessments for the next week or so. Data from these assessments will be sent home on the beginning of year (BOY) progress report the middle of September.

Please keep reading for more information about this past week and information for the upcoming week.

Thank you for entrusting us with your students! Have a fabulous weekend!

Lani Rounds


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Visible Learning - Initiative

Each week students attend a Visible Learning class to learn about traits of a GOOD LEARNER. In the upcoming week, students will be working on INITIATIVE. Please take time next week to discuss this trait with your student and reward or praise them for taking initiative.

"Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it."

Label Children's Jackets - Backpacks - Water Bottles - Lunch Boxes

Please take a moment to label your child's items. Mistakes happen and kids inadvertently grab the wrong item because it looks "just like theirs". Kids leave things laying around - inside, outside, on the playground, and at the lunch tables. There are many, many items that kids have that look just alike. Writing your child's name on their item will help prevent the mixups that often occur because of look-alike items.

Friday After-School Programs Offered by Two Vendors - Begins September 9

This year we have two companies that are renting space at Bridge to provide after-school programs - Mad Science and Power Chess. Both programs begin on Friday, September 9, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Mad Science is a six-week program and Chess is a 12-week program. You can find more information and register for these programs on our website under Community Events:

School Picture Day - Tuesday, August 23

This is NOT a dress down day. Students must wear school dress code clothing. In the spring we will have another picture day where students will have a free dress down day.

All students will get their picture taken on Tuesday for the yearbook and for their name badge. In addition, you may purchase pictures using the information sent home on the picture form or by using the information on our website:

Order online at using code BridgeESFall2022 or visit our website at:

Assessment in Full Swing

Bridge Elementary is a school in which personalized learning is part of our mission. Assessment data helps our teachers develop the appropriate instructional materials for your students as well as place them in groups based on skill level. Over the course of these first two weeks your students will complete assessments for Acadience reading and math, Imagine Learning literacy and math and a writing assessment. Our kindergarten students will also complete KEEP, a required kindergarten test.

In the middle of September students will receive a progress report with their beginning of year (BOY) data and an indicator regarding the student's on grade, below grade or above grade level for that assessment. These progress reports are sent home three times each year.

FREE Uniform Clothing

We have a table under the front portico loaded with FREE uniform clothing. We will leave this available all weekend. Kids grow FAST! Take what they wear now and then what they will wear in six months once they've grown.

Parking Lot

No newsletter is complete without a mention of the parking lot. The flow is the SAME as last year:

  1. One entrance and one exit
  2. NO left turn out of the parking lot during school hours.
  3. Pull forward during pick up and drop off AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.
  4. Be patient - be kind - be observant!

Students are NOT allowed to cross through the parking lot without their adult guardian. Do not stand at your car and motion your kids to come to you. Park your car, get out, and come to the front curb to safely escort your kids to your vehicle.

Please do NOT park across the street from the school and attempt to navigate crossing the road. NEVER drop your kids off and have them walk across the street to the school and especially, do not park here after school and motion for your kids to come to your car. This is extremely dangerous as cars turn the corner off of 4800 S and are not always paying attention.

Please do NOT park at the pharmacy. This is a private business and they get pretty upset when Bridge families hog up all their parking spots.

You can find the parking lot flow on our website at:



Aspire is the student information system we use at Bridge. This is the place where you add or modify your emergency contacts, check your child's lunch balance, look over their absences and find the name and contact information for your child's teacher.

Please take a moment to ensure ALL your child's emergency contacts are added and they have a little green arrow next to their name indicating they are allowed to check out your child from school.

You can log into Aspire, and find the instructions to set up your Aspire account, on the Student Data page on our website.


Checking Students Out

Students can only be checked out of school by an individual listed in their Aspire account that has a GREEN ARROW next to their name. See above for information on accessing Aspire.

When an individual is checking your student out of school, including parents, we will ask for picture ID. Please be prepared and make sure the person checking your child out also understands this rule. The rule is made to keep your kids safe, not because our office staff are unreasonable.

Morning Supervision and BASE After-School Enrichment

Our morning supervision program and BASE are both FREE to all students. Morning supervision begins on the second day of school, August 17, and BASE begins on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 16.

Morning Supervision - drop off (after the first day of school) is 7:30 - 8:25 am. School begins promptly at 8:30 am. Students are NOT allowed to play outside or run around the school in the morning. In the morning, students come into the school and go to the gym for breakfast (served 7:45 - 8:15) and then go to their designated place. We have an adult door greeter each morning who will help kids find where they need to go in the morning. Additionally, on the first day of school teachers will share this information with students and show them where the student goes in the morning.

BASE - BASE is held M - TH, 3:30 - 4:30 pm. It is an enrichment program that extends the school day by providing students with engaging academic activities. Students who attend BASE also receive FREE dinner at 4:15 pm.

Each day students have a different focus area:

Monday - Literacy or Writing

Tuesday - STEM (science, technology, engineering or math)

Wednesday - Fine Arts or Movement

Thursday - Natural World - History - Holidays

Students MUST be signed up to attend BASE. Our teachers use the list to help determine which students remain at school and which students need to go outside and wait for their pick up.

The information about BASE, including the sign up, can be found on our website under CALENDARS > SCHEDULES. The link for the sign up is below.


Meals at Bridge

Application for FREE / REDUCED Breakfast and Lunch

The application for FREE/Reduced meals is completed through Aspire. We will have someone from our lunch team available during Back to School Night to help you with this process. They will be in the Middle KIVA on the main floor.

Meal Prices

Student Breakfast SERVED 7:45 - 8:15 am

Free - Free

Reduced - $.30

Full price student - $1.50

Adult Breakfast = $2.50

Student Lunch

Free - Free

Reduced - $.40

Full price student - $2.60

Adult or Student Extra Unreimbursed Lunch = $3.85

Dinner for BASE Students = FREE

Paying for Meals

You can pay online using our Secure Instant Payments portal or you can pay using cash/check in the front office.


Menus for all meals are posted on our website at:

FFVP - Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Bridge was awarded a grant to provide students fresh fruit and vegetables for snack each day, M-TH. This program is designed to give students the chance to try new, fresh and healthy foods that they may not otherwise have a chance to try. Our kids LOVE this program and find all kinds of yummy things and sometimes, something they think is "yucky". This program will begin next week!

Who to Contact

Principal - Lani Rounds -

At-Risk Programs Coordinator - Sara Tucker -

  • Morning Supervision and BASE
  • Behavior
  • 504 Plans
  • ELL Coordinator

Lead Secretary - Lalani Williams -

  • Aspire
  • Lottery
  • Registration

School Nurse - Vicki Ross -

Special Education

Diane Nelson Lead SpED Teacher -

Julie Christensen SpED Director -

Meal Issues - Jodi Jensen -

Classroom Teachers - see website -

  • Daily activities for your child
  • Student progress
  • Questions about student schedule

Excuse an Absence

Absences MUST be excused within 24 hours of the absence. You can do this by leaving a message on the Attendance line at school (801)499-5180 or by using the Excuse Absence online form. You can find this on our website by clicking on the Excuse Absence icon or using the link below:



Thanks for sticking with it and reading this entire newsletter!

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