Stolen Generation

By Sophie Manuel

Closed Questions

Question :Where were the children taken to after they were separated from their families?

Answer :They were taken to orphanages to live with other families, that were not aboriginal or the children were taken to training homes to learn about the white man's way.

Question: Why did the goverment take the children away from their families?

Answer : There are many reasons but it was mostly because the white athorities believed that the parents of the children were not looking after them properly and were not giving them a good life.The government thought that it was the right thing to do but it wasn't. The government tried to erase their culture and identity and attempted to make them more English.

Question: Why did the aboriginals not stop the white man from taking their children away?

Answer: The govenrment were too powerful for the aboriginal people they could do nothing about. Even if the children hid away the government would find them and the white man would take their children away.Sometimes if the father was white he would voluntarily send them away to a stable white enviroment.

Open Questions

Question: How would you react and feel if you were taken away from your family?

Answer: I would feel sad and angry that I would not be able to see my family again. I would be very scared to have been taken away and not know were I was going and worrried if the white man could have done something to my parents.

Question: In this picture how do you think this girl is feeling and were do you think she is?

Answer: I think that she is in a foster home and looking out the fence wondering if her mother will ever come back for her. I think the girl is feeling like she wants to go home and wants to be with her family again.

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