Burma/ Mynamar Refugees

by Dennis Doan, Chasen Cambell ,and the other guy RICO


In 1962 a military group controlled by Gen Win takes power in the government then BANS all social media {WHOSE GONNA LIKE ME ON SNAP CHAT :''(}.

Years later in 1988 a new army took control, they where called the Slorc. They where much more brutal on the population when the population revolted/protested they killed them ALL. It was a 4 day massacre which took the lives of 10,000+ innocent lives.In the same year they isolated themselves from the world economically and politically.(NORTH KOREA)


Many citizens are fleeing the country rapidly.About 587,000 people are internally displaced and about are 99,600 Karnes (ethic group) and around 12,500 of Karnes have run away.Most find asylum in Thailand and near by stable country.Some have even moved to Clarkson Georgia and so far been a liability to their environment.However this may be due to them still being in shock and having fear preventing them from working their best. Most likely after a few years or so they will become much like the regular American.