Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 5 December 2014

What have we done this week?

  • Literacy: We continued looking at non-chronological reports this week and have been learning a report by heart on dragons!
  • Maths: Miss Macdonald's group have continued looking at subtraction using a number line this week, and Ms Bintcliffe's group have been learning about greater than and less than, using the correct < or > symbol
  • Art: we have started making Christmas decorations :)
  • Topic: This week we have learnt about the Bulgarian tradition of the Martenitsa - many thanks to Mr Antonov, who gave us a lovely presentation
  • We have also been practicing the production with the children on many occasions - they know their lines and we are now focussing on expression, volume and movement on the stage

Next Week

  • A visit from Dalia's mum to tell us about Hanukkah
  • Production dress rehearsal (Monday) and the performances (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Literacy: continuing with non-chronological reports - writing our own version about a fictitious dragon, which they will first design
  • Maths: Looking at time and months of the year
  • Christmas decorations and festivities

Upcoming Celebration themes

Hanukkah - 8-12 December

Christmas - ongoing during December

If you would also like to share a celebration or festival from your culture, please email or talk to Ms Bintcliffe or Miss Macdonald as soon as possible.


Homework for the next few weeks is as follows:

* Reading book

* Spelling Zappers

* Mathletics/RM Maths 3x a week - if your child doesn't have their RM Maths or Mathletics passwords, please email your teacher who can re-send them :)