An Energy Source

Is It Renewable?

  • Wind is a renewable resource meaning that the wind can be used over and over again as an energy source.

Where Is It Found?

  • Wind is a natural energy source that is found in the sky caused by motion of the air.
  • One way that we get the wind is by using wind turbines that rotate because of the wind producing electricity.

How Does It Work To Produce Energy Energy For Communities?

  • Wind can be used to generate electricity
  • The energy in the wind spins the turbine blades producing electricity for people uses.

What Are Some Uses Of Wind?

  • Some uses of wind energy are sail boats for traveling, windmills for grinding grain and pumping water, and wind is also for used for producing electricity in a clean way.

What Are Some Products Created From Using Wind?

What Type Of People Use The Energy Source?

What Is The Cost Benifit Cost Of Wind Energy?

What Is The Enviromental Impact Of Wind Energy?

What Are Some Advantages Of Wind Energy?