Roe v Wade

The 1973 Supreme Court Case on Abortion.


You and your group will create digital flyer using SMORE to showcase your knoweldge on one of the Warren Court Cases. You will then use your digital flyer as a presentation when teaching the class about your assigned landmark Warren Court Case. Your project needs to include all of the below items.

Facts of the Case

(summarize the story behind the case… you are telling a story)

Needs to be 1-2 paragraphs at the minimum.

Lower court verdict:

Summarize what court or courts heard this case before the U.S. Supreme Court (name each court and verdict)
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The 1973 Supreme Court

Majority decision of the Court:

1.What was the decision?

2. What was the Supreme Court vote in the majority?

3. What was the date for the majority decision?

4. Which justices voted for the majority?

5. Who wrote the majority decision?

6. Describe the majority opinion…

7. Were there any concurrent opinions written? 8. By whom?

Please include at least one video under 5 minutes in length

Roe v. Wade in PBS' The Supreme Court

Importance/Significance and Relevance to today

Importance/significance of this case: Did this case change/add to/take from the Constitution or any of the Amendments? If so, how? Explain fully.

Does this case remain relevant or has it been superseded by another case? If it has been superseded, name the case and tell how your case changed the preceding case?

Please include 2-3 links in your presentation. See below.

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Group Photo

First and Last Names






Submit your Digital Smore Flyer to this link.