Good Old George

George Washington: The first president

How George set the tone for future presidents...

  • created the 3 branches
  • didn't want to be considered a "king"
  • advisers in office
  • made sure power was separated equally
  • brought together intelligent people


  • Swept the first vote all 69
  • Grown from 4 -15 cabinet members
  • Invented the cabinet
  • First budget was 2 million dollars, thousand something men was the army
  • Hero of the revolutionary war
  • First president ever
  • Unanimously chosen
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Thursday, April 30th 1789 at 5:30pm

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

The exact day George Washington got elected for president.

Effective Leadership

  1. Established the idea of cabinet members. It was very effective because we still use it to this day
  2. Signed into law the first copyright law. It was successful, because it protected the author of any “book, map, chart printed in the us” which is vital to the free speech in the U.S.
  3. Vetoed only two bills while in presidency. The first one to keep balance in power. The second one to lighten the cavalry. It Was effective because today we would have many problems with our military and balance in power