Canada in 2060

A preview into our country's future!

Fast Forward 40+ Years in The Future...

This SMORE is going to be painting the picture of what our country will be like in the year 2060! You're going to learn about what Canada is like today; in terms of demographic patterns, our immigration, etc. And then, it will answer the big question of What will Canada look like in 2060 compared to now?

Present Day Immigration

  • Currently, the number of immigrants Canada needs and accepts varies. But, generally, they aim for 250,000 immigrants and refugees per year.
  • We use the Point System to decide who is suitable to immigrate to Canada.
  • The majority of immigrants accepted are economic immigrants. They are immigrants that have a job set up and can contribute to our economy.
  • This past year, Canada accepted over 25,000 Syrian refugees!

Immigration in 2060!

Immigration will definitely change a lot over the next 44 years. Canada's immigration system has developed so much during the past years, so this is why I know it will look different in the future.

Each year we accept a different number of immigrants and refugees based on many factors. A factor that will definitely be added is our job availability! Soon, the Baby Boomer generation (people born from 1944-1960) will be retiring. This is going to open up so many jobs- specifically skilled worker positions.

We are going to need people to fill these jobs and help maintain a competitive economy, so it is clear that Canada will be looking toward immigrants to fill them.

I also think that the number of refugees we accept is going to grow. Canada is a privileged nation, and plays a valid role in the international community. Accepting refugees also improves our status as a country and creates new relationships and opportunities. This is why I can see the country increasing the number they accept.

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I think it's interesting that when I researched skilled trade jobs, all the images were Caucasian workers! But, I imagine that in 2060, many of the skilled trade jobs will be filled with immigrants- because there just aren't enough qualified workers in Canada.

Current Demographics

This population pyramid shows our current population, and how it differs through ages and genders.

At our last recorded birth and death rate, there were more births than deaths, which means we had a positive natural increase rate. I believe that this is going to change.

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Future Demography!

I think the demographics of Canada are going to change drastically over the next decades.

First, I think that the number of children per family is going to decrease! This is because...

  • There is no pulling factor of why people need to have children early, or at all
  • In general, people have already been starting to have less children and realize that it's smarter to have smaller families and be able to live a better quality life
  • Our government already doesn't provide extra funding to families, and I think they won't be encouraging people to even have lots of children because the dependancy load will already by large enough
  • The Baby Boomer generation is entering the dependency load which will raise our taxes- so less people will be able to afford large families

I think that it is difficult to predict Canada's future death rate, because there are several factors that will affect it.

  • Naturally, due to new technology and medical advancements, the life expectancy will extend (which should lower the death rate)
  • Canada provides good health care (which should lower the death rate)
  • But, even if the Baby Boomer generation is able to live longer, they will still be all passing away at the same time frame- similar to when they were all born and caused a huge spike in the birth rate. (this should significantly raise the death rate for a period of time)

Finally, I would predict that eventually our birth and death rates should stabilize and become almost equal- creating a low natural increase rate.

Canada's Changing Demographics

Please watch the video from the times 2:10 to about 6:00 for the general idea of the video, and continue watching for additional information.

This video is on the longer side, but it outlines exactly what I am agreeing with. It explains that the birth and fertility is going to decrease, why this will happen, and provides additional information of how this will affect Canada.

First Nation Communities Today

Today, there is an array of problems that First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities in Canada are facing. Although large issues in their past such as residential schools may be resolved, there is still so much that needs to be solved.

The Indian Act is a document that FNMI groups are still fighting. Right now, this document decides almost everything about how Native Americans live, what they're entitled to, etc. Most Canadians seem to know almost nothing about what First Nation peoples are really like, how they live, their past, and the several issues they have to face.

In conclusion, First Nation, Metis, and Inuit peoples are currently extremely misunderstood. I also believe this is going to change!

First Nations in 2060!

I believe that the Native American population will be increasing over the next years. This is because they typically have larger family sizes than the rest of Canadians, which creates a higher birth rate.

But of course, in order for their population to increase, the death rate needs to be lowered. I believe this will happen due to better health care and rights for FNMI communities. This can happen because of a combination of...

  • Canadians of my generation! Currently, it seems that not many people care and are fighting for Native American rights. But I believe that activists that are my age right now will be able to help change this.

  • They will fight for better health care and rights which can help lower the death rate.

  • I also think that for the same reasons, the Indian Act can be abolished! I feel that by the year 2060 everyone will realize how terrible the Indian Act is, and that it should just be eliminated. This will help restart the relationship between Canadians and FNMI groups.

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What I Imagine My Lifestyle to be Like in 2060...

Mya Banwait

My Life in 2060 by Mya Banwait

In Conclusion...

This assignment outlined three different aspects of my future life and country, but there are so many unpredictable things/events that can happen in between now and then that will change my thoughts. I am interested to see what my life actually ends up looking like in 2060, and be able to refer back to my predictions from 2016!