A Day In My Digital Life

Parmpreet Singh

The Start Of My Day

My day starts with a quick peak at my phone to check the time. Since i have my notifications turned off, every morning i unlock my phone and check whatever i missed while i slept. For me, it's the best way to wake your self up because it takes your mind away from you being tired. This is an everyday habit that i will continue to do in the future.

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Texting In the Morning

As i said before, i check all my notifications as soon as i wake up. I reply to all my text messages and send my "Good Morning" texts to those special people in my life. Sometimes i have missed phone calls, so i get those taken care of as well.

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Morning TV Time

Every morning after i shower and brush, I come downstairs, make some cereal (usually coco puffs), and watch television until I'm done eating. I always use this SportsCenter app on my smart tv. I have to get in my morning SportsCenter update. This is a must, every single day.

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Push Start

This is my favorite part of my day, when i get to drive around in my car; in this case, i drive to school. Everyday i push this convenient button to start my car. It excites me because it makes me feel like i am from the future. It is a really unique feature and i am blessed to have it in my car.

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Coming Home To My Friend, Xbox

As soon as i come home, i drop everything and play some Xbox. Especially now that i got GTAV, I play it for hours after school. This is a once in a while thing. I used to play alot, but not that much now. It is still a great way to relax and enjoy some free time.

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This is one application on my phone that i am addicted to -- Snapchat. I Snapchat all day, everyday. It is a great app that allows you to have a conversation with friends through pictures! It has become a huge part in my life as a great way to keep in touch with friends.

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A day without music is like a day without oxygen. Music is huge in my life because it takes me away from reality. I put on my beats and just let the music carry me away. It is great because it relieves my stress as well lightening up my mood.

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I get on YouTube almost everyday. There is always something to watch on YouTube that will kill time. It's amazing because it has so many videos. Some make you cry of sorrow, and some make you tear up with laughter. I spend hours on YouTube sometime because there is always another video to watch.

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My Buddy Texting Away

Everybody around the world is texting in their normal lives. This here is my buddy, James Kamara, texting his many girlfriends while we were at the boys soccer game. This is an example of an average civilian who is dependent on his/her phone. Also an example of a frequent texter.

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Laptop Time

Every night before i go to bed, i spend some time on my laptop. I usually surf the web for entertainment, shopping, or just because im bored. I like to watch movies before i sleep because they really do make me fall asleep easier. Yes, i know i sound like a baby but it is what it is.

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After participating in this activity, I've learned alot of depressing facts. I realized that i wouldn't make it a day without technology. My life is so technology based that i couldn't even think how different life would be without technology. For instance, i've learned that i can't live without my phone because i use it all the time. I need to cut down on technology because i need to spend more time with family.