The Inhumanity of GMOs

By: Amogh Singhal

Harmed by GMOs

Many people are allergic to something, and what GMOs do are add certain materials like antibiotics to animals and plants so that the plants and animals do better. However, the actual truth is that since many people are harmed by allergies, many genes or antibiotics fail because people are harmed by it. Also, many small farmers are harmed by GMOs, because GMO technology is needed for farmers to succeed at the market, and much of teh genetic techonolgy is owned by big farms and companies, and to make sure that people don't go broke because of competition, small farmers have to get loans and increase their oans for newer and better technology to be good in the market. However, this means that loans ride over farmer's heads, and life is difficult for them, discouraging many people to continue being a farmer. Finally, most people believe that the environment will be badly harmed by the use of GMOs in our daily routine, because an experiment could go horribly wrong and ruin the environment. Also, since things like DDT took place, people shudder when they realize that these pest- resistant plants may be ten times worse. And just remember, these plants were mande in a labaratory, not a farm.
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Inhumane Acts On Things Other Than Us

Most things being done go against nature, since everyone knows that the human genome is what it is, and changing a single part of it would change the entire person. Wouldn't that be the same thing to happen for the plants and animals which go through this ordeal? Most biotech companies do all this just for money, and they usually want to bleed the poor dry just for their own benefit, not caring what happens to the plants, animals, and nature as they collect money. Everything is profit-driven, and nothing happens without having money involved. Regulations are poor, and no person in a high official position cares whats being fed to the people, where teh food came from, and how it was treated. They don't care that chickens are being fed to such extent that they can't walk more than a few steps, just to be slaughtered. They don't care that they are forcing more and more small farmers into more and more loans because of new technology on the threat of canceling contracts. They just want money. Inhumane acts are a pivotal point in GMOs, and the production of such things must be stopped at once.